Kya Super Cool Hain Hum…A crass sequel to a crude original..

First thing first, i was hardly impressed by the original ” Kya kool hain hum” and to be candid, never liked it at first place, though  i was zapped and appalled with its unexpected box office success. So keeping in lines with the current trend of churning out sequels and to create a successful franchise, ” Kya Super Kool hain Hum” is an addition to this overgrowing list. Sadly, the verdict for this movie remains the same as its prequel..Lewd , licentious, and ribald…

Agreed,  Adult sex comedies are creating a niche for themselves in Bollywood off late, with movies like Delhi Belly pushing the bar and rendering a novel source of entertainment to the audience. But KSCHH is no Delhi Belly, and neither can be categorised as a decent comedy entertainer. Watching KSCHH, one has an sturdy feeling that Director Sachin Virdi had just sexual puns in his script, with no story. To top it all, highly derogatory performances- and KSCHH turns out to be an embodiment of verbal obscenity at its best.

The tepid plot of this obscene filled movie boasts of two aimless and jobless folks – a struggling musician , aspiring to be DJ ( Ritesh) and a striving and vapid actor ( Tusshar) who aims to act in movie likes “Chingham, Bra One” ( yes, this is the stuff in here). In addition to this, ” Suckru“, the obedient dog  of Ritesh, plays the third cog in this threesome act,  who subserviently mates to  his masters vocals, for money and living. The trio goes to Goa to get themselves mired  in a madless sexual journey, coupled with two engaging eye candies ( Neha Sharma and Sarah Jane Dias), who have simply nothing to do in the film in terms of acting prowess.  Augmenting this insipid and harebrained fare are characters of 3G baba ( Chunky Pandey, at his disgusting best), and a self confessed bollywood maniac Mr Marlowe ( Anupam Kher), who considers a dog as his Mom’s reincarnation, and calls her MeriMarLo ( Meri- Mar- Lo….?)

The film is flushed with innumerable sexual innuendos, which invariably turn out to be perforating gags in this so called slapstick sex  comedy. The makers certainly believed that one liners can weave itself into a plot and hence,completely sidetracked the cognitive part of a film  – thats the story. Instead, we have an assemblage of some school boy humours, and a pilferage of dirty” double intented forced” puns- ” Agra main Viagra“, ” Mujhe Bade Acche lagte hain“, “Mere do anmol ratan“- absolutely crass and insulting.

Performance wise, we have some decent actors performing at their undecorous best. Ritesh , a rather self assured actor with a good hold over his comic timings, acts well,and tries hard to bring some semblance in this ludicrous fare,  though i strongly feel he is now a typecast hero in this genre. Tusshar hams and hams and hams..he takes his comic timings to his hammiest best  as the film progresses.  Songs, (the least said the better ), only adds to the unbearable length of this painful experience.

The two girls, as i said earlier, are at their sexiest best  ( pun intended) , and less said about their performances. Chunky Pandey is a complete derogatory , with a wig that adds to his pornographic performance. I was surprised by Anupam Kher though. What the hell this legendary actor is doing here? Sir, your comic timing is unquestionable, but in a movie like this with those horrible one liners..not acceptable.

Perhaps the  only good thing of the movie is opening line of the starting frame of this flick “Rahu ne eske career ki Rahul Roy Kar di“( Ouch!!!) . But as another of those libidinous one liner screams “ Isko to ab Rajnikanth hi bacha sakta hain“, holds completely  true for this flick .

Watch it for: No recommendations for this one. But if you are looking for a sexless sex comedy, this might be your answer, though completely at your own risk. 🙂


Movie trailer Heroine- Sedate,Grim and Prurient

The first thing you will tell yourself  after watching the  trailer of the movie “Heroine“would be ” Yes, its a Madhur Bhandarkar film”

This trailer promises  a movie boasting of all the ingredients a typical Bhandarkar film has – A hard hitting  and veritable subject ,coupled with engrossing performances . “ Heroine” , the much talked about film has been mired with controversies,since its inception- Aishwarya Rai’s dropping out of the project due to her pregnancy, barrage of accusations between the director and the actor , Kareena’s inclusion and her much talked about intimate scenes with the lead actors-  the film has ensured to keep itself in limelight, escalating the expectations of the cinegoers. So does the first look promises the hype it created?

From the looks of the trailer, there is not even an iota of doubt about its uncanny conformity with last years Blockbuster ” The Dirty Picture“, which won laurels and awards for her lead actress Vidya Balan. Heroine is apparently based upon the rise and fall of a  leading actress, showcasing her trials and  tribulations . The trailer vaunts of innumberable platitudes for film industry, with Kareena Kapoor ( with a rather plastic  look throughout), sashaying through the glitterati and media, sharing intimate scenes with lead actors Rampal and Hooda, and blasting the media at a conference. We can also witness Kareena gyrating in  a salacious track ” Halkat Jawani‘ , which seems a counter response to Vidya’s Dirty Picture hit track”Ooh La La

With a grim and sedate tone, “Heroine“bears a striking resemblance with “Fashion“and  promises another hard hitting flick from Bhandarkar’s stable, showcasing  Kareena’s desperate attempt for garnering critical acclaim, and ..a National Award may be !!

Watch this trailer for:  A veritable look at the film industry and Kareena’s  promising histrionics. 


Movie Review The Dark Knight Rises…Brilliant end to an epic franchise

The unbearable wait is finally over. The moment that the entire nation has been waiting for a long long time,has finally culminated on the screens.  Does Christopher Nolan’s final offering of his  epic Batman Series meets the hype and expectations surrounding to it? The answer is in affirmative, and a resounding ” Yes”. Dark Knight Rises is a breathtaking finale to Nolan’s batman series, showcasing the brilliance of Nolan’s mind , yet again.  Nolan weaves out  a incredible portrayal, coupled with stupendous performances, interesting twists and turns,  and some mind blowing visuals.

Gotham city is in peace now, but still  8 years post death of Harvey Dent,  it despises and abominates the Batman, the masked crusader who is the “murderer” of Dent. This hatred forces Bruce ” Batman” Wayne to be a recluse, confined  to his mansion for 8 long years. Battered and bruised, with loneliness being his only companion, he struggles to fight with his own inner demons, until circumstances changes and he has to rise up to fight with the menacing and gigantic  Bane, whose sole purpose in his life is to tear apart the city into tatters.  Physically and psychologically weak, Batman faces a daunting task to stop a devil much larger than him,  to save the city of Gotham one last time, redeeming his pride and respect.

The Dark Knight Rises stays authentic to its screenplay and core story, and Christoper Nolan delivers an astounding spectacle. Each and every frame is pivotal to this entire epic, with a climax that  will blow your mind away. Embellished with sleek action sequences, TDKR is woven with convoluted twists and turns . But its the engaging emotional scenes which stands out in this epic. A bruised Bruce desperate and unfailing attempts to escape from the prison of hell, his friendship with long time ally Gordon , his emotional duel with Alfred- excruciating and heartbreaking.  

Performance wise, Christian Bale is outstanding. No one could have justice to the intricated portrayal of Batman-dejected, bereaved, and angry, he delivers one of the best performances of his career. Hardy as the pivotal enemy “Bane” does an impressive work, though he lacks the aura of the majestic Heath “Joker“Ledger of Dark Knight. Certainly, he was sorely missed.

The supporting characters ( Freeman as Fox, Gary Oldman as Gordon, Marian Cotillard as Talia) render impeccable performances, but its Anne Hathway who is incredible as the ” Catwoman“, and a welcome addition to this final trilogy of this epic franchise.  

The Dark Knight Rises is an absolutely brilliant and  compelling end to an epic franchise, though i would rate it a notch lower than Dark Knight.  Get ready to clap and cry for Batman and Gotham for one last time, and to salute to the brilliance of Christopher Nolan .

Watch it for:  For everything, a brilliant film in every aspect,  though you will miss the menacing “Joker”terribly.


Son of Sardar Trailer…Zany and Refreshing

” Kabhi Kabhi mere dil main sawaal aata hain, ki agar es duniya main Sardar na Hote, to kya hota”

Ajay Devgn seems to have mastered the art of flourishing in action comedies genre. The brilliant actor , knows for his riveting performances, has inclined to the format of commercial movies off late, with the Golmaal Series, All the Best, Singham, and  his latest offering Bol Bachchan.. Certainly, it has done him a world of good, with box office mullahs and escalating popularity among the masses..

The trailer of his upcoming release of this year, Son of Sardar…showcases another big bonanza entertainment, with a colourful razmatazz of comic sequences, witty one liners, and some incredibly innovative stunts..  The trailer indeed reflects a freshness, with some interesting gags and colourful sequences. Sanjay Dutt looks eerie in his long hairdo, and after a stupendous performance in Agneepath , seems set to play an integral role here. The pairing of Ajay and Sonakshi in novel, with both playing Punjabi Munda and Kudi to the hilt. The inclusion of Juhi chawla , being seen after a long hiatus, is a welcome incorporation. But its the  alluring connect to the Sikhs in the trailer, showcasing the benevolence of their heart and attitude of their life , which is the trademark of this trailer.

A complete mass and madcrap entertainer, this Diwali might witness another cinegoer feast from Ajay Devgn…

Watch this trailer for: Novel presentation, colourful sequences, and interesting comic moments/one liners. 


Cocktail ….is hackneyed and spiritless

How many times have we seen a love triangle where there are two girl and a guy..all three are great friends, then one starts liking the other, and the third, falls head over heals over the same guy..the guy feels bad for the former friend, and sacrifices her love..and then ultimately, the  boy girl settles with the original girl of her choice, and everything is happy thereafter..A Beaten to Death theme..Period

Cocktail follows this beaten to death theme, with a smorgasbord of exotic foreign locales, few hummable songs, typical todays youth lingo and loads of attitude.. Saif Ali Khan reprises a role which he does the best,of a confused lover boy, which has been become a cliche role for him. Here he playes Gautam, an audacious flirt,  who gets   into a no string attached relationship with Veronica, played by the debonair Deepika Padukone, who boasts of a carefree and kick ass attitude. Deepika’s best  friend Meera, played by newbie Diana Penty, who is hassled with her own marital woes, initially hates Gautam and considers him to be a good for nothing sort of a guy.  With Veronica being the common bond , all three friends have a blast , until the abrupt arrival of Gautams Mother ( played brillantly by the evergreen Dimple Kapadia), a staunch believer in Indian tradition and values, on a mission to get her nomadic son settled down with a pure desi Indian Girl.  To save himself,  Gautam introduces Meera as her would be wife, with uncle Boman Irani playing the supporting part in convincing his mother. Gautam and Meera start liking each other in enacting this play, which makes Veronica jealous and insecure, and thus starts the roller coaster ride of   high decibel emotions. 

Cocktail is an Old wine in a new bottle,lacking novelty and freshness. Director Homi Adjania and writer Imtiaz Ali make an attempt to punch in all the ingredients of a perfect love story, making the movie ardous and too sweet to digest. The movie begins with a bang, with some great comic moments, but slowly fizzles out in steam, ending up as a predictable love story. The directorial abilities of Homi remains unquestioned, but its the screenplay which is a big let down, making Homis second directorial venture ( after the much acclaimed Being Cyrus ) a ” Bloody Mary without a Vodka

Performance wise, Saif is strictly ok, with nothing new to offer. His ageing looks and patterned mannerisms as a disoriented lover boy, are getting extremely wearisome, and its high time for a talented actor like him to clutch himself out of his comfort zone. Diany Penty, in her introductory role, does a decent job, though , she has a long long way to go.  Randeep Hooda, in a miss and blink role, maintains a dazed look throughout, as if asking himself “What am I doing in this film?” Seasoned actors like Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani are wasted in their concise roles, but the scene stealer is Deepika Padukone, who pitches in a riveting performance, enacting the transition from a  carefree girl to a neglected and insecure partner in love, with excellent dexterity. Watch her bursting out in an inebriated state , firing  a barrage of accusations to Gautam, Meera and her screwed up life. An absolutely scintillating  performance..

The much hyped music by Pritam boasts of one wonderful track ” Tumhi Ho Bandhu”  picturised brillantly on the lead stars. The rest of the tracks lack the punch, the only other saving grace being “Daaru Desi”

Cocktail , with a clear focus on the Gen X, has it moments, mostly sporadic and inconsistent, and  has the  right ingredients in right proportion,  and would have possibly  turned out to be a tempting and intoxicating love story.  Rather, its mostly flat romance and  a predictable story line, deliberately making it an  exhausting and vapid experience.

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Watch it for : Tumhi ho Bandhu Song, Deepika  Padukone ,occasional good comic moments, and only if you have nothing to do..





Reviewing a movie is a tough nut to crack, with varied emotions playing in your mind, and one is forced to culminate an opinion about the film. Yes, every Friday when a movie releases, the movie goers flip through the pages of the daily newspapers to skew on the film review pages..I think that’s the only day when the opinion  of Anupama Chopra, Raja Sen, Nikhat Kazmi, Taran Adarsh,become so integral in formulating our decision to go for a movie or not :). 

I find the movie reviews paradoxical in nature, since i feel its extremely difficult for a critic to gauge the taste of the people. There have been innumerable instances where a film has been brilliantly reviewed, and has proven to be a failure at Box Office. Conversely, a film trashed to the cans has emerged immensely successful at BO. For me, there is absolutely no correlation between the Box office results and the reviews shared by critics, because, ultimately , understanding the pulse of the audience is the most toughest job .

I have always been enamored  by cinema, so much , that i can be easily categorized as a Die Hard Movie Buff.! I literally get goosebumps when I am a part of the audience, witnessing the euphoria of the first day first show..:) The beeline of moviegoers for tickets, people thronging to the halls to catch the first show of their favorite stars..its completely magical..!!

This blog will  reflect my opinion towards the world of cinema, with reviews on movies    I have been watching, and which are on my wish list .This blog is my tribute to cinema, rather..a tribute to a medium which has throughout mesmerized me, and stays ensconced as my fascinating  hobby since my childhood.