Movie Review The Dark Knight Rises…Brilliant end to an epic franchise

The unbearable wait is finally over. The moment that the entire nation has been waiting for a long long time,has finally culminated on the screens.  Does Christopher Nolan’s final offering of his  epic Batman Series meets the hype and expectations surrounding to it? The answer is in affirmative, and a resounding ” Yes”. Dark Knight Rises is a breathtaking finale to Nolan’s batman series, showcasing the brilliance of Nolan’s mind , yet again.  Nolan weaves out  a incredible portrayal, coupled with stupendous performances, interesting twists and turns,  and some mind blowing visuals.

Gotham city is in peace now, but still  8 years post death of Harvey Dent,  it despises and abominates the Batman, the masked crusader who is the “murderer” of Dent. This hatred forces Bruce ” Batman” Wayne to be a recluse, confined  to his mansion for 8 long years. Battered and bruised, with loneliness being his only companion, he struggles to fight with his own inner demons, until circumstances changes and he has to rise up to fight with the menacing and gigantic  Bane, whose sole purpose in his life is to tear apart the city into tatters.  Physically and psychologically weak, Batman faces a daunting task to stop a devil much larger than him,  to save the city of Gotham one last time, redeeming his pride and respect.

The Dark Knight Rises stays authentic to its screenplay and core story, and Christoper Nolan delivers an astounding spectacle. Each and every frame is pivotal to this entire epic, with a climax that  will blow your mind away. Embellished with sleek action sequences, TDKR is woven with convoluted twists and turns . But its the engaging emotional scenes which stands out in this epic. A bruised Bruce desperate and unfailing attempts to escape from the prison of hell, his friendship with long time ally Gordon , his emotional duel with Alfred- excruciating and heartbreaking.  

Performance wise, Christian Bale is outstanding. No one could have justice to the intricated portrayal of Batman-dejected, bereaved, and angry, he delivers one of the best performances of his career. Hardy as the pivotal enemy “Bane” does an impressive work, though he lacks the aura of the majestic Heath “Joker“Ledger of Dark Knight. Certainly, he was sorely missed.

The supporting characters ( Freeman as Fox, Gary Oldman as Gordon, Marian Cotillard as Talia) render impeccable performances, but its Anne Hathway who is incredible as the ” Catwoman“, and a welcome addition to this final trilogy of this epic franchise.  

The Dark Knight Rises is an absolutely brilliant and  compelling end to an epic franchise, though i would rate it a notch lower than Dark Knight.  Get ready to clap and cry for Batman and Gotham for one last time, and to salute to the brilliance of Christopher Nolan .

Watch it for:  For everything, a brilliant film in every aspect,  though you will miss the menacing “Joker”terribly.


5 thoughts on “Movie Review The Dark Knight Rises…Brilliant end to an epic franchise

    1. Excellent Review Pri…..But I differ in your opinion on one point- Christian Bale’s best performance was in the movie-The fighter…till date…:)

      Good job bro!! Keep it up

      1. Thanks a lot Soumss..:) Loved your comment..
        And i agree with you too, Fighter was one of Bales award winning performances..And rightly so, he got the Oscar for it 🙂
        Will keep you posted on my further reviews..thanks again 😛

  1. I loved it too Prith, considering that I haven’t seen the earlier two parts, it was a mind blowing experience for me. So in full agreement with your review:-)

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