“Jalpari” movie trailer review- Meaningful and Relevant!


Last year , among the slew of  low budgeted but critically acclaimed films, one film stood out purely because of its novel concept and an absolute refreshing treatment to its subject.Based on a little childs aspirations ,  “I am Kalam” was one  gem of a movie which was a complete delight to watch.

Now the makers of this film are coming up with their next cinema titled “Jalpari“, centered on the issue of female foeticide,one of the burning issues concerning our society.  One look at the movies trailer, and you get reminded of I am Kalam, and a promise of yet another meaningful cinema.

The lead of the film are child artists ( Lehar Khan, Krishang Trivedi and Harsh Mayar), and are ably supported by competent actors including Suhasini Mule, Parvin Dabbas and Rahul Singh. Director Nilamadhab Panda carries his legacy of creating movies based on socially relevant issues, with complete tenderness and humanity .

Slated to release tommorrow (31st Aug), “Jalpari” might not create box office records, but will definitely be worth a watch.


“Chittagong” trailer review- Gritty and impelling!

                                                                                            Release Date: October12,2012

Couple of years back, Ashutosh Gowariker had tried to recreate history , by depicting the uprisings in Chittagong through his film “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se“, with Abhishek Bachchan playing the protagonist role of Surya Sen, the acclaimed freedom fighter.Despite being an honest attempt,  the film met with extremely  lukewarm response, and bombed at the box office.  Come October, and we are all set to see the same story of Chittagong uprising in “Chittagong“, helmed by an incipient director Bedaprata Pain, and Manoj Bajpai playing the pivotal role of Surya Sen.

The trailer of this patriotic saga looks valiant and authentic, and unlike the Abhishek Bachchan starrer, it delineates a more veritable look. The movie is supposedly focused on a demure 14 yr old boy and his conflicts, set against the background of 1930 India, where a local headmaster Surya Sen takes on the British Empire with his local army of youngsters and schoolboys. This tale is about how this improbable mission changes the life of this 14 yr old.

The very talented Manoj Bajpai looks brilliant in the role of Surya Sen, promising another power packed performance. Though he is the only known face in this entire enterprise, the trailer does boast of talented performances from the supporting cast.

If  you have a penchant for watching  a patriotic film , Chittagong should be in your wishlist. Lets wait for this Oct, to witness another untold saga of our freedom movement!


“Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi” Movie review- Earnest attempt, mediocre execution!

Movie : Shirin Farhad ki to Nikal Padi  ;Cast: Boman, Farha, Daisy Irani and Shammi  ;Genre: Romantic Comedy ;Director: Bela Bhansali Sehgal

In recent times, bollywood has certainly come of age- breaking the barriers of a typical formulaic platform and a burning willingness to explore new genres. Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi definitely falls into this category, with an absolutely refreshing premise of a love story of two 40 yr old couple, a genre which hasnt been much explored in Bollywood till now, and coming from the stable of  Sanjay Leela Bhansali productions, expectations are surely heightened. Ironically, Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi falters miserably, as it fails to  translate an engaging  premise into a delightful watch on screen .

The plot of  this middle aged  love story is woven around an ageing  parsi bachelor Farhad( Boman) , an ardent salesman at TemTem Bra and Panty store, who is extremely proud of his profession and dreams of creating his own “Under (Garments)world”in future.  He stays with his overbearing mother (Daisy Irani) and Granny (Shammi Aunty), who are desperate to get their 45 yr old Dikra married, who is rejected  left and right, everytime he mouths his work qualifications . He finally loses his heart at love at first sight to a new customer at his shop Shirin ( Farha), an ageing 40+ parsi  fiesty  and straightforward woman, who stays with his comatose father and an understanding aunt. She  bears a haughty look when she dawns the hat of secretary of Parsi Trust, but is an  absolute romantic when it comes to love and proposals.

The film starts on an endearing note and there are several scenes which are a delight to watch – Farhad’s helplessness as a bachelor, an extremely nagging mother, an interfering aunt who doesnt mind him asking in front of his extended family “Tera rocket kab udega“, an abberant uncle who dreams of getting married to Indira, Shirins entry into the shop and the awkward courtship period.

But slowly the film loses steam, gags become silly and the sweetness becomes too melodramatic. Debutant director Bela Bhansali Sehgal tries to infuse every ingredient to make it a  light hearted entertainer , only to make it overstretched and humdrum. The pace miserably slackens in the second half, primarily due to unadorned songs( Including a parody on KKHH and HAHK) and a prolonged climax, which turns out  too good to be true . 

Performance wise, Boman Irani pitches in a delightful performance, rendering an endearing charm to Farhad.Portraying a ripening character, he does everything that a die hard romantic would go- gyrating to songs, romancing and seducing a girl- and he performs with an elegance. He is best in his depressing moments though. Watch him showering his frustrations to his aunt and his mother- Fantastic!

Making her acting debut, Ace choreographer and director Farah Khan is disappointing in her first attempt. Despite being perfectly cast in this ageing couple love story, Farah falters in emotional moments, with an execution of dialogue delivery coming straight out of her talk show !. She looks sweet, but  is extremely self conscious,  predominantly wavering  in most of the scenes, and completely gets out of sync to Boman’s superb timing.

Playing the role of a nagging mother, Daisy Irani ienacts well, but gets over the top in some of her hysterical scenes. But its Shammi aunty who is in her element, as a lovable and understanding grandmother to Farhad. She mouths perhaps the best dialogue of this enterprise: “Aaj lagta hain Farhad ka Murgaa Jaga“:)

Though mired with unnecessary songs, couple of tracks stands out , namely Khatti Meethi and Tere Bina. The film does boast of some authentic shots, with the Parsi houses and cultures captured wonderfully.

A romantic love story with an endearing and lovable premise, Shirin Farhad ..falters  due to limp execution and an inconsistent screenplay. Truly, a noble attempt gone wrong!!

Watch it out for: An endearing premise, sweet comic moments in bits and splurts , and Boman Irani. 


“Kismat Love Paisa Dilli” Trailer Review- Lewd and uninspiring

Guess every maker wants to encash the success of  flicks of  sex comedy genre, as the trailer of this upcoming flick ” Kismat Paisa Love Dilli” is suggestive of. Directed by a newbie director Sanjay Khanduri,  this Vivek Oberoi- Mallika Sherawat starrer Kismat Paisa love Dilli has already generated a bit of controversy with its rather unique abbreviated tagline “KLPD” ( A term which todays  youth can easily relate of! )

So we have terms like Thurki Lucky, Gazab Totta, Haraami Gunde in this sex comedy adventorous flick, which is apparently based upon confusions weaving around in one single night. The trailer is replete with sexual innuendoes, and gives us a Deja Vu feeling throughout, and that might be the reason why the trailer lacks the punch, which is so imperative for a first look of the film to impress the audience.

The chemistry between the lead actors , Oberoi and Sherawat, lacks the fizz , though their effort is evident in this first snippet. Both the actors have had a lukewarm box office run off late, with tepid performances on screen, so it will be interesting to see whether they would be able to rise up above their mediocrity , once this film hits the screen.

The first look of KLPD appears to be run of the mill. Hope the film does suffice to its rather controversial title, and packs a punch to the moviegoers, as an entertaining cinematic experience.

Watch it out for:  A sex comedy flick replete with sexual innuendoes and some tepid jokes. 


“Kamaal Dhammal Malammal” movie trailer review- Sit back and Laugh!


Comedy king Priyadarshan is back with a bang, with his regular assembly of veteran actors – Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Asrani, Shakti Kapoor- in his upcoming comedy movie “Kamaal Dhamaal Malammal”, slated to release this Sept. One look at this trailer , and you can assure yourself of a brilliant joyride for the slated 3 hours.

A remake of a Malayalam film, KDM is set in a remote village , with an assemblage of people and all the confusion weaving around them. The first look of the film does remind you of Priyadarshan’s previous comedy flick – Malaamal Weekly, as it has the same set of actors . But inclusion of Nana Patekar and Shreyas Talpade flushes a pleasant surprise, especially, Patekar who looks brilliant with his usual temperamental acts, rendering the film a solid impetus.

Written by another comedy thespian Neeraj Vora, Priyadarshan is all set to tickle our funny bones So be all set to witness another maddening entertainer this Sept, as the poster screams :” Madness begins…28th Sept”

Watch it out for: A rip roaring comedy helmed by Priyadarshan, spearheaded by his ardent line of thespian actors


“Oh My God” Trailer review – Hilariously Amusing

If anyone discovers a dictionary on Bollywood, and gleans through the synonyms of comedy, guess the name of Paresh Rawal would be written in gold. The veteran actor has championed the comic genre exceptionally with his unquestionable talent, and when he is at the helm of the affairs in a comedy drama flick, you are assured of a rip roaring entertainer, and the first look of “Oh My God‘, an upcoming Bollywood Drama film, slated to be released this September, promises to be one of them.

Oh My God” , helmed by a newbie director Umesh Shukla and produced by our very own Akshay Kumar (apparently playing a cameo in this film) and based on a highly acclaimed Gurajati play, promises to be a light hearted entertainer, portraying the journey of Kanjibhai (Paresh Rawal) and his disbelief in God, which results in his relentless bickering with the priests of the city, untill circumstances change when Lord Krishna (Akshay) pays him an unexpected visit.

With an ensemble cast of highly proficient actors – Mithun ChakrvortyMahesh ManjrekarGovind Namdeo– the trailer of “Oh My God‘ unfailingly brings a smile on your face, with a highly interesting premise and several comic and witty scenes. And with Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha gyrating in an item number, it adds the right tadka to this  entire entertaining fare.

Lets wait and watch, as this Sept, the Akshay-Paresh combo takes us for another humongous joyride . As the theatrical poster of this film screams “Kanjibhai is taking God to Court

Watch it out for : A promising mega entertainer , spearheaded by Paresh Rawal and supported by a cast of highly talented actors. 


“Chakravyuh” Trailer Review- A typical Prakash Jha fare!

Prakash Jha, known for showcasing relevant socio-political issues through the medium of cinema, is back with another hard hitting film “Chakravyuh“, slated to release this October. After a tepid response to his last flick “Aarakshan“( based on caste reservation), Jha expounds the smouldering issue of Naxalites, one of the gravest issues being faced by India in todays times.

As with most of his films, the first look of Chakravyuh bears the stamp of a typical Prakash Jha film- dark, gritty and hard hitting.  The trailer depicts the story of burning naxalite issues,  and the deep impact it compounds on the individuals. The film boasts of several platitudes by the naxals, intricate political upheavals, and tearing human emotions.

Arjun Rampal in the principal cast of a Superintendent of Police looks gallant, so as Manoj Bajpayee as the ferocious leader of Naxals. But its the inclusion of Abhay Deol which took me by surprise, who indeed looks promising as a friend turned foe for Arjun. Supporting characters of Om Puri, Esha Gupta and couple of new faces leave an impact in the first look.

Gangaajal took us to Bhagalpur blinding case, Rajneeti brought back family politics, Aarakshan fermented the caste reservation issue, and with Chakravyuh, Jha  explores the ghastly world of Naxalites. Come October, and it will be time to  face a harsh reality again!

Watch it out for: Another hard hitting drama from Prakash Jha , and  talented  performances by the principal cast