“IshKq in Paris” trailer review- Lacks the zing!

Preity Zinta is back from her long hiatus, with her maiden production, helmed by Director Prem Soni,  “IshKq in Paris”(a K added to Ishq..Numerology effect!!!), slated to release this Oct.  This movie is being considered as the comeback vehicle of this accomplished actress, who was last seen in forgettable flicks like Heroes and a brief cameo in Main aur Mrs Khanna . Preity has been one of my liked actresses throughout, as i have always appreciated her attempt to come out of her comfort zone and churn out something offbeat and new- be her unwed motherhood roles in Kya Kehna and Salaam Namaste, an ardent and pure  lover in the crossover flick Veer Zaara , a recluse turn churby self in Kal Ho Naa Ho- she has always maintained a  dignified demeanour. So when you get to see her in the big screen after an a prolonged abeyance, it makes for an anticipated watch. 

The trailer of the movie  is suggestive of a love story between two strangers in Paris- an incorrigible flirt,a ravishing girl,  meet there, done that, roaming around Paris, and finally falling in love. And as per the title, the entire drama culminates in Paris. The first snippet of the movie does resonate a gleaming canvas, with Paris in the background, but  it does not promise anything extraordinary in terms of story, with a topic that  has been a “beaten to death” theme for Bollywood.  The trailer somehow, lacks the thrust , an element which is so pivotal in being a comeback vehicle for a leading actress of her times.

The movie launches a new face in the male lead with Rhehan Malik, who looks good, but a tad younger to be paired opposite Zinta. And as for our bubbly girl Preity, a veil of ageing looks is definitely prominent, though her cherubic smile and infectious dimples compensating it completely.

Director Prem Soni previous outing “Main aur Mrs Khanna” was a critically and commercial disaster. Hope “IshKq in Paris”proves to be a turnaround vehicle for him, and an ideal platform to showcase the resurgence of our own Preity”Zing”Ta!

Watch it out for:  Visually compelling background of Paris  and a gleaming Zinta comeback, though keep your fingers crossed before building up any expectations. 


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