“Kismat Love Paisa Dilli” Trailer Review- Lewd and uninspiring

Guess every maker wants to encash the success of  flicks of  sex comedy genre, as the trailer of this upcoming flick ” Kismat Paisa Love Dilli” is suggestive of. Directed by a newbie director Sanjay Khanduri,  this Vivek Oberoi- Mallika Sherawat starrer Kismat Paisa love Dilli has already generated a bit of controversy with its rather unique abbreviated tagline “KLPD” ( A term which todays  youth can easily relate of! )

So we have terms like Thurki Lucky, Gazab Totta, Haraami Gunde in this sex comedy adventorous flick, which is apparently based upon confusions weaving around in one single night. The trailer is replete with sexual innuendoes, and gives us a Deja Vu feeling throughout, and that might be the reason why the trailer lacks the punch, which is so imperative for a first look of the film to impress the audience.

The chemistry between the lead actors , Oberoi and Sherawat, lacks the fizz , though their effort is evident in this first snippet. Both the actors have had a lukewarm box office run off late, with tepid performances on screen, so it will be interesting to see whether they would be able to rise up above their mediocrity , once this film hits the screen.

The first look of KLPD appears to be run of the mill. Hope the film does suffice to its rather controversial title, and packs a punch to the moviegoers, as an entertaining cinematic experience.

Watch it out for:  A sex comedy flick replete with sexual innuendoes and some tepid jokes. 


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