“Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi” Movie review- Earnest attempt, mediocre execution!

Movie : Shirin Farhad ki to Nikal Padi  ;Cast: Boman, Farha, Daisy Irani and Shammi  ;Genre: Romantic Comedy ;Director: Bela Bhansali Sehgal

In recent times, bollywood has certainly come of age- breaking the barriers of a typical formulaic platform and a burning willingness to explore new genres. Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi definitely falls into this category, with an absolutely refreshing premise of a love story of two 40 yr old couple, a genre which hasnt been much explored in Bollywood till now, and coming from the stable of  Sanjay Leela Bhansali productions, expectations are surely heightened. Ironically, Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi falters miserably, as it fails to  translate an engaging  premise into a delightful watch on screen .

The plot of  this middle aged  love story is woven around an ageing  parsi bachelor Farhad( Boman) , an ardent salesman at TemTem Bra and Panty store, who is extremely proud of his profession and dreams of creating his own “Under (Garments)world”in future.  He stays with his overbearing mother (Daisy Irani) and Granny (Shammi Aunty), who are desperate to get their 45 yr old Dikra married, who is rejected  left and right, everytime he mouths his work qualifications . He finally loses his heart at love at first sight to a new customer at his shop Shirin ( Farha), an ageing 40+ parsi  fiesty  and straightforward woman, who stays with his comatose father and an understanding aunt. She  bears a haughty look when she dawns the hat of secretary of Parsi Trust, but is an  absolute romantic when it comes to love and proposals.

The film starts on an endearing note and there are several scenes which are a delight to watch – Farhad’s helplessness as a bachelor, an extremely nagging mother, an interfering aunt who doesnt mind him asking in front of his extended family “Tera rocket kab udega“, an abberant uncle who dreams of getting married to Indira, Shirins entry into the shop and the awkward courtship period.

But slowly the film loses steam, gags become silly and the sweetness becomes too melodramatic. Debutant director Bela Bhansali Sehgal tries to infuse every ingredient to make it a  light hearted entertainer , only to make it overstretched and humdrum. The pace miserably slackens in the second half, primarily due to unadorned songs( Including a parody on KKHH and HAHK) and a prolonged climax, which turns out  too good to be true . 

Performance wise, Boman Irani pitches in a delightful performance, rendering an endearing charm to Farhad.Portraying a ripening character, he does everything that a die hard romantic would go- gyrating to songs, romancing and seducing a girl- and he performs with an elegance. He is best in his depressing moments though. Watch him showering his frustrations to his aunt and his mother- Fantastic!

Making her acting debut, Ace choreographer and director Farah Khan is disappointing in her first attempt. Despite being perfectly cast in this ageing couple love story, Farah falters in emotional moments, with an execution of dialogue delivery coming straight out of her talk show !. She looks sweet, but  is extremely self conscious,  predominantly wavering  in most of the scenes, and completely gets out of sync to Boman’s superb timing.

Playing the role of a nagging mother, Daisy Irani ienacts well, but gets over the top in some of her hysterical scenes. But its Shammi aunty who is in her element, as a lovable and understanding grandmother to Farhad. She mouths perhaps the best dialogue of this enterprise: “Aaj lagta hain Farhad ka Murgaa Jaga“:)

Though mired with unnecessary songs, couple of tracks stands out , namely Khatti Meethi and Tere Bina. The film does boast of some authentic shots, with the Parsi houses and cultures captured wonderfully.

A romantic love story with an endearing and lovable premise, Shirin Farhad ..falters  due to limp execution and an inconsistent screenplay. Truly, a noble attempt gone wrong!!

Watch it out for: An endearing premise, sweet comic moments in bits and splurts , and Boman Irani. 


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