“Jalpari” movie trailer review- Meaningful and Relevant!


Last year , among the slew of  low budgeted but critically acclaimed films, one film stood out purely because of its novel concept and an absolute refreshing treatment to its subject.Based on a little childs aspirations ,  “I am Kalam” was one  gem of a movie which was a complete delight to watch.

Now the makers of this film are coming up with their next cinema titled “Jalpari“, centered on the issue of female foeticide,one of the burning issues concerning our society.  One look at the movies trailer, and you get reminded of I am Kalam, and a promise of yet another meaningful cinema.

The lead of the film are child artists ( Lehar Khan, Krishang Trivedi and Harsh Mayar), and are ably supported by competent actors including Suhasini Mule, Parvin Dabbas and Rahul Singh. Director Nilamadhab Panda carries his legacy of creating movies based on socially relevant issues, with complete tenderness and humanity .

Slated to release tommorrow (31st Aug), “Jalpari” might not create box office records, but will definitely be worth a watch.


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