“Bhoot Returns” First look Review- Get set to Scream and Scare!

Release Date: Oct 12


Ram Gopal verma is back!. The maverick director, known for his non conformism and churning out movies at a rapid fire pace, fleshes out another of his freaky stuff with “Bhoot Returns”, a sequel to his very own “Bhoot”, which surprised everyone with its box office success.  And you know its a Ramu directed film, as the first look boasts the archetypical stamp of the inconsistent director- bizarre and unusual.

So we had Bhoot, Phoonk ,Phoonk2, and now Bhoot Returns.  It seems director Ram Gopal verma has developed the penchant for churning out flicks at regular intervals, only to skip the most pivotal part of the film- thats the story, and if we go by the performances of all his recent films, one will usually shy away to develop an interest in watching his films.

So we have a trailer here which starts with a tagline :”Some people are not ready to move into new houses, and some new houses are not ready to move people in“. And then we witness one camcorded scene of a child (ghost !! ) playing around in an isolated room  , with  3D effects added to the enhance the fear effects of the film!!

Story wise, its seems to be predictable, but what might be the strong points of this flick is Manisha Koirala (Bombay, Khamoshi), the fading yet talented  actress who is all set to make a comeback with this film. And yes, one just cannot write off Ram Gopal Verma. The man who gave us Rangeela, Satya , Company might just spring back with a bang with this horror flick !

Slated to release this October, lets gear ourselves up for yet another horror presentation from Ramu..And lets hope, he doesnt let us down this time!


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