“Barfi” Movie Review- Poignant and Brilliant!!

Movie name: Barfi;Genre: Romance; Starring: Ranbir, Priyanka, Illeana ;Music: Pritam



Bollywood is coming of age, undoutedbly, with a strong conviction of exploiting  films of various genre. We are witnessing an influx of cinema of high standard and an eclectic mix of commercial and off beat cinema. So for every Ek Tha Tiger and Raaz, we had  a Shanghai, and now , Barfi..!

Way back in 1973, Gulzar portrayed the struggles of a deaf and mute couple in a westernized society through his  movie Koshish, which is considered to be a landmark cinema, primarily because of the poignant performances rendered by the principal cast Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri.. Barfi too depicts the life of a deaf and mute protagonist, but traverses a path which has been seldom explored in Indian Cinema- that disabled peoples have a unique ability of leading a life full of vigour and happiness. Yes, there is a love story, and an element of suspense too, but the film primarily  advocates the fact that ” We have one life, and we should savour and relish  every moment with happiness”   And kudos to director Anurag Basu for weaving out this  riveting tale  with utmost  sensitivity and passion.

Barfi, set in the backdrop of 1970’s Darjeeling and Calcutta, delineates the tale of a deaf and mute Barfi ( Ranbir), a charming prankster, who believes in leading a life full of spirit and happiness,  and his Love-hate  relationship with the two leading ladies- the elegant and beautiful Shruti(  Illeana Dcruz)   and Jhilmil (Priyanka) , an angel who is autistic by birth.  With the course of time, a dynamic relationship develops between the three , churning out a series of events which turns their life upside down.

Barfi is a must watch for three integral  reasons- An engaging script, sensitive characterization and brilliant performances. There are innumerable scenes which will bring tears to your eyes and smile on your face, and acts like a cushion which envelops you with a warmth of love and affection. The film does tend to drag a bit  during the  pre-intermission parts, but scales up again in the second half, to reach a crescendo of emotional gratification at the end. A special mention of the chemistry between Barfi and Jhilmil- two disable people who believe in leading a life full of contentment in everything they do, despite innumerable challenges- absolutely brilliant.

Director Anurag Basu once again proves that he is a proficient storyteller, armed with exceptional directorial skills. He portrays his vision of Barfi, Jhilmil and Shruti in a larger than life canvas, cushioned with touching and passionate moments. He handles this complex subject with brilliance, and composes a highly spirited story which educates us to lead a life of contentment and happiness.  The film has the power to transform you as a person,  and  definitely stands out as one of his most  accomplished and absorbing works.


Known for churning out popular hit tracks, Pritam surpasses himself with Barfi, rendering one of most beautiful albums of this year. Each and every track is appealing, completely in sync with the poetic  mood of the film.  Cinematography ( Ravi Varman) is top notch, creating a picturesque canvas , with genuine and authentic locales.

Ranbir renders a stupendous act,  and pitches in yet another top notch performance as the deaf-mute Barfi. Handling an intricate and complex character, Ranbir emotes through his eyes, and characterises a portrayal with a perfect body language. He leaves an astounding impact : You laugh and cry with him and you cheer for his indomitable spirit. His antiques and pranks ( Charlie Chaplinish!!) are an absolute delight to watch, and never ever he goes overboard.  Certainly, Barfi puts him into the top league and a strong contender for this years Best Actor Awards! 

Making her bollywood debut, Illeana Dcruz portrays her character with splendour, and comes up with a magnificent act. Buts its Priyanka who delivers  a riveting performance-yet again. Playing an autistic yet benevolent character, Priyankas performance is near about flawless. She knocks you out completely with her absorbing portrayal of Jhilmil, and there are several instances which will tear you out in love for her. Watch her in a scene where she  bursts  out to a group of children, and her lovely chemistry with Ranbir- mindblowing!

Supporting characters of Jishu Sengupta, Rupa Ganguly, Akash Khuran and Ashish Vidyarthi do complete justice to their role. A special mention for Saurabh Shukla, the inspector who says ” Meri kamar 42 inch se 32 inch ki ho gayi, Barfi ke peeche bhagte bhagte”. He is in top form throughout.

Barfi does tend to get a little sugary in some of the scenes, but the spirit of the film more than compensates for this minor blemish. Celebrating life with gratification and contentment, Barfi idolises the indomitable spirit of life. This film might not garner 200 crore at the box office, but will be certainly remembered as an exceptional film , with a heart. A must watch

Watch it out for : Absorbing story, poignant moments and Brilliant performances. 


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