“Aiyaa” Movie Review – Watch it for Wonderum Rani!


Movie: Aiyaa , Director: Sachin Kundelkar, Starring: Rani Mukherjee,Prithviraj


Last week, we witnessed the magic of Sridevi on the big screen, after a long hiatus. And the reasonable success and huge critical acclaim for the film clearly indicates that women centric films are the taste of the season. Continuing the tradition, we have Rani Mukherjee, who is back in action this week  as the central protagonist in Aiyaa. First scene of this much anticipated film, and you are set to devour a deliriously loud  and a utterly nonsensical film to the borderline, with an absolutely novel premise to its credit. But what could have been an impressive watch turns out to be a bit of a dampener, primarily because of a wafer  thin script and a overtly stretched second half!


The plot revolves around a small town and vibrant  Maharashtrian girl Meenaxi ( Rani), who amidst her humdrum and boring life, seeks pleasure by escaping into her own make believe world, through her strong predilection and fixation of movies and movie stars. So she fantasizes and revisits every dream sequence of Juhi ( QSQT), Madhuri (Dil), Sridevi (Chaalbaaz!). In her real world though, she boasts of a complete madcrap and eccentric family- a shrilling and garrulous grandmother (Jyoti Subhash) who moves around in the house with the aid of a motorised wheelchair, an overprotective mom(Nirmiti Sawant) who unfailingly puts matrimonial ads for her daughter to see her settled and married,  an irritating younger brother (Ameya Wagh) who has a fetish for dogs, and a father(Satish Alekar) who smokes and inhales cigarette.  Under constant pressure from her family to tie the knot and settle down with kids, Meenaxi gets engaged to Madhav Rajadhyaksha ( Subodh Bhave), a boy next door, whose idea of romance is a  sweet and simple Deepti Naval- Farooque sheikh film!  Things become complicated when Meenaxi instanstly falls in love with a brooding Tamilian painter Surya ( Prithviraj), whose intoxicating smell makes her drool and drooze  every time she meets him in the library!

Acclaimed director Sachin Kundelkar tries to weave out a  a humorous and rambling journey of love and lust , amidst the backdrop of a Maharashtrian setting, and the film does begin with a promise. But the story loses out its fizz, and it seems too contrived a plot. The story completely loses out to its exaggerated treatment, and close to the heels of being an absurd film. Even the gags and jokes which starts with coherence becomes too repetitive , and tests the patience of the viewer. At the facevalue, A novel premise of a women drooling over his man because of his stimulating smell,  fails to be an engaging   watch, due to a waferthin and skeletal storyline.

The songs of Aiyaa matches up to its treatment- loud and gaudy, and the standout tracks ( Amit Trivedi) are undoubtedly the chartbuster   ‘Dreamum Wakeuppam‘ and  ‘Aga Bai’. Both the tracks have been wonderfully choreographed and brilliantly picturised.

Aiyaa belongs to Rani, and only Rani!! Playing a simpleton who fantazizes and lusts on his man because of his smell, the brilliant actress dishes out a riveting and delightful performance. She looks stunning and ravishing, and portrays the role of a simpleton and a harmless seductress with perfect dexterity!. Her livewire act is sure to win her accolades from all the quarters!

Playing the object of desire for the female protagonist, south actor Prithviraj does a decent job, apart from looking and smelling good. But his screen presence is sort of wasted. Each and every supporting character portray their parts brilliantly, but its Subodh Bhave who stands out in his role of a stodgy prospective groom.


Aiyaa could have been a complete delight to watch, but its energy and passion is wasted due to its tacky treatment. The sole bright spot of this stretched movie is our “Bong” bombshell Rani- stunning, stimulating and superb!


Watch it out for: A superlative performance by Rani Mukherjee





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