“Jab tak Hai Jaan” movie review- Far cry from a fitting Swan Song!



Lamhe, Silsila, Kabhie Kabhie, Veer Zaara.. all these movies had one thing in common..Yash Chopra, a name which is synonymous with Romance and eternal love and who entertained us with  his incredible romantic sagas..Jab tak Hai Jaan, the showman’s last swan song, is his last big budget romantic saga, with his favourite actor Shahrukh Khan as the leading man. The duo are back on the big screen after a gap of 8 long years. Expectations- humongous ( lets ignore the controversy surrounding it which has added to the buzz). So does JTHJ proves to be a fitting tribute to the Yash chopra romance? Not exactly!


Samar Anand ( Shahrukh Khan) is a struggling immigrant in London, who stays with his jobless pakistani roommate and makes his living by washing cars, cleaning snow, waiting tables and carooning punjabi folk songs on the street. The man who believes in making everyone happy, falls in love instantly with Meera ( Katrina), an NRI business man who behind her strong demeanor,   carries a soft and sensitive heart inside. Cupid strikes, romance blossoms until their life changes after an incident, and their love is thwarted( Reason- Meera’s promise to Jesus). Samar comes back to India -heartbroken, angry and helpless and joins the Bomb Disposal squad of Indian Army( Reason- He wants to die!). Enter Akira ( Anushka), a vibrant and free spirited journalist, who accompanies Samar’s squad to create a documentary, and in turn, becomes a part of Samar’s love story. 

First thing first, i am not a die hard romantic. But i love watching romantic movies, specially when they are canvassed on a logical screenplay. This is one of the primary reasons why Veer Zaara worked with me fabulously.  JTJH too boasts of a beautiful canvas, with exotic locales ( London, India) , brilliant cinematography, and appealing characters. But where is falters is its script, which is highly inconsistent, with a shallow premise and some hard to believe elements. So we have two crashes in accident( which eventually turns out to be life changing events for our leading man), a track of retrograde amnesia ( which actually drags the second half completely), and voluble exchanges between the lead characters and God. But what ails the script prominently is the reason behind the seperation between Samar and Meera , which is not compelling enough to weave out a separation story between the lovers. The film stretches, loses focus with its indulgent screenplay .

With full credit to the magnanimous director, the film is portrayed with conviction, and the romance too looks ethereal.  Katrina looks stunning in every frame, but is undermined due to a sketchy character throughout. Anushka sparkles in her bubby chirpy role, absolutely fantastic in her casual demeanour in the film. Shahrukh is magnetic, specially in the role of angst ridden Major who diffuses bombs without a bomb suit ( again, unbelievable), though he tends to go a bit overboard in 25+ role of an immigrant who charms everyone around him. Music by A.R.Rehman/Gulzaar combo is another letdown, with no notable tracks to their credit, except “Jiya Jiya Re”, which is hummable and has been picturised beautifully.

A brilliant director and a star studded canvas, Jab tak hai Jaan falls short of a fitting swan song, because of a flawed script and a stretched screenplay. Despite all this, it still it deserves a one time watch,  just because of the man behind the camera- Yash Chopra, his last eternal romantic saga!Featuring footage of the director at work during the end credits, it would be difficult to hold your tears back !


Watch it out for : Yash chopra’s last swan song





“Dabanng 2” Movie trailer review – Salman”Chulbul Pandey”Rocks!!!


I had to take a break  in between my writing of reviews, as i was engrossed in my routine work deliverables. Now, I am back with a bang, with trailer of  Chulbul Pandey returns, a.k.a, Dabangg 2! And after i saw the trailer, i thought..what a way to make a comeback!!:)

First thing first, the  sequel trailer of the hugely successful prequel ,  is simply outstanding! Chulbul Pandey is back, with a bang- with more action, dialogue baazi and the king of all, Salman..If Dabangg was great, Dabangg 2 looks greater. U simply cant stop yourself from the seetis and immersing yourself in pure dhamakedaar Salman affair:)

From the looks of the trailer, it seems first time director Arbaaz khan has carved out a big budget entertainer, with his charismatic brother….And Salman looks absolutely assured in his trademark style of Chulbul Pandey!

This Christmas, expect the fireworks..both at the Box office and at home!! with Chulbul Pandey!