‘Talaash Movie Review’- Intelligent thriller, but not an unforgettable one!

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Much before the release of his hugely anticipated film Talaash,  Aamir Khan, in one of his promotional interviews, had stated that Talaash will bring back the suspense genre, much famously used in 1980’s, and a genre which has been underutilized ,quite surprisingly by our Bollywood film makers.  And kudos to the Talaash team, for rendering a dexterous suspense drama, finely layered with heartwrenching sentiments of betrayal, loss, grief and death.Scripted by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, director Reema Kagti weaves out a tale, which deserves a big applause, both for the gripping script and some highly compelling performances.

Inspector Shekhawat ( Aamir Khan) investigates the case about the accident and death of a superstar, who dies in a car accident under mysterious cirumstances. Armed with intelligence and struggling with his rather disturbed marital life, ( Rani Mukherjee) , coupled with a sense of guilt for a deep personal loss,, this case turns out to be a life altering event for Shekhawat, as he begins unraveling the mystery layer by layer .  He meets a sex worker ( Kareena Kapoor) during his investigative quest, who confounds a simple car accident into a haunting mystery for him, challenging his belief to the core .  Talaash2

Talaash is a gripping tale, which works predominantly at both suspense and emotional level. Director Kagti packs in a tale which not only deals with human elements- love, relationships, grief-but also questions the viewers belief. But its the portrayal of this tale that works big time for Talaash. Right from shot one of the car accident, to the accurate delineation of leisurely paced night life of Mumbai, and to the near flawless depiction of the brothels and dingy streets of Mumbai, Kagti and his technical team punches a perfect canvas to unravel their intriguing mysterious tale till the climax, which , is undoubtebly spellbounding, but will meet its own share of patrons 🙂

And its here where Talaash falters a bit, and ends up a tad dissapointing film! Also, the pacing of the film dips considerably in the second half, distracting the viewer from the core plot, and losing the novelty of being a complex film.  The track involving the psychic is good, but seems unwarranted in the scheme of things. Also, the twist in the end is quirky and somehow, doesnt gell with the humoungous expectations that the film has built up!

Yet , Talaash is immensely watchable because of the interesting characters, and their mesmerising  performances, with almost every member of the cast delivering a credible performance. Nawazudin Siddiqui, as the limping Tremur, is brilliant. So as Rajkumar Yadav, who plays the role of the junior cop with elan. As a goofy psychic and interfering neighbour, Shernaz Patel is fantastic!

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Rani Mukherjee, as a forlorn wife , who is battling with her own demons, shines in her part. She is completely believable in her displaying a gamut of emotions. Kareena Kapoor brings the chutzpah and glamour to her role, and delivers a magnificent performance.  But its Aamir Khan, who takes the cake for rendering a restrained performance of a troubled man, internalizing his emotions perfectly in every frame. Whether its the no nonsense cop or a man battling with his grief, Aamir lends volumes to his performance, completely in sync with his reputation of experimenting with quality cinema.

Music by Ram Sampath is brilliant, completely in texture with the content of the film. Cinematography, back ground score and absolutely authentic and top notch!

Despite its blemishes, Talaash is an outstanding film in all aspects, and one of the most riveting thrillers of this year, but just fails to end up as an unforgettable film of 2012!

  Watch it out for:  A riveting tale of love , deceit, murder and human relationships!