“Kai Po Che” Movie review- A must Watch!




Bollywoods undying fascination with three-friends-friendship-bromance , which started with the cult Dil Chahta hain, takes a step forward with “Kai Po Che”, a gujarati word derived from the cry of victory when a player has beaten his opponent in a Kite flying challenge. And the honest part is,that director Abhishek kapoors second offing ( the first being the another classic Rock  On), is absolutely bang on in hitting the right notes. An intricate and complex story of friendship being continously challenged with real life tragedies, Kai Po Che  is a briilliantly woven adaptation of Chetan Bhagats bestseller “3 mistakes of my life”

Set in the millennium year, with the backdrop of Gujarat,  the film  focuses on three childhood pals- the short tempered and unemployed  yet a brilliant cricketer Ishaan ( Sushant Singh), the business minded  baniya and part time maths tutor Govind ((Rajkumar Yadav) and  Omi (Amit Sadh), who unfailingly walks the rope laid down by his local politician uncle . All three decide to pool in their resources and invest their skills in setting up a sports shop cum cricket academy  in neighboring colonies of Ahmedabad. While Ishaan takes the cudgels of training young guns in cricket, Govind takes the mantle of handling the accounts and doing part time maths tution to students , including Ishaan’s sister Vidya.  Omi skillfully taps his uncle for some loan to set up the enterprise.  The three protagonists set up on a journey to fulfill their dreams and ambitions, but their friendship is threatened by a series of unforeseeable events . Thus begins the tale of survival, loss, and victory! kai-po-che_350_2

Maintaining a consistent momentum throughout , coupled with light hearted moments and emotional trauma in equal measure, Kapoor weaves out a riveting tale of human spirit and undying friendship. First 10 mins into the film, and you are unfailingly drawn into the world of our three protagonists– fears, joys, sorrow, dilemmas. There are several scenes intertwined in the film which choked you up with emotions–when the trio plunges into the sea from the top of a fort, when  each one of them nestle their way to the bus top, as they head out to celebrate their first earnings, the reunion scene of Ishaan and Omi, when Govind lashes out at Ishaan for his carelessness–absolutely brilliant.  The film builds up on its strong storyline, brick by brick, and delivers a knockout punch in the climax.


The  hallmark of this film is its spot on casting and their superlative performances, even by the supporting cast. Manav Kaul, in the role of Omi’s uncle, delivers a solid performance  as the manipulative and scheming politician, and so as Amrita Puri, as the fiery Vidya who delves into the love interest of Govind . But its the trio of Rajkumar Yadav, Amit Sadh and Sushant Singh Rajput who are simply outstanding with their respective portrayals of the three earnest protagonists. While Rajkumar Yadav brings a subtleness and credence to his portrayal of Govind, money minded accountant yet an endearing friend and lover, Amit Sadh lends a unique vulnerability to his character, fighting with his inner conflict. But its debutant Sushant Singh Rajput who , with his sheer presence and a terrific portrayal of a wayward youth finally getting the call of his life, delineates a show-stealing  performance. And to add it the infectious chemistry they share on screen, which takes the film to an altogether different level. Music by Amit Trivedi captures the spirit of the film wonderfully, while the Anay Goswamy cinematography is absolutely top notch, complementing the directors vision with dexterity.

A crisply edited film, Kai Po Che deserves a standing ovation for its solid content and magnificent direction. But more than that, it deserves kudos for weaving out an unadulterated and simple emotional  tale of friendship  that pushes all boundaries, and elevates Indian cinema to a higher level. Three cheers for ‘Kai Po Che’