“D-Day”Movie Review–A gripping, intelligent espionage thriller!

Bollywoods unabated fascination with Dawood Ibrahim is not unknown, with several flicks churning out on the worlds most wanted criminal in the last couple of years. The core plot of Nikhils Advanis latest flick D Day deals is weaved around Indian governments relentless tryst to bring back home worlds most wanted criminal Dawood, the primary accused behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts . And unlike the directors previous lacklustre outings ( Chandni Chowk to China, Patiala House), D Day is an engrossing thriller, bolstered with searing performances from the cast and a water tight script.

A surreptious team of four India  undercover agents – Villa ( Irfan), Rudra ( Arjun), Zoya ( Huma Qureshi) and Aslam ( Akash Dahiya) are entrusted with the task of cornering and excavating Iqbal Seth a.ka. Goldman ( Rishi Kapoor) , as he is all set to attend his sons wedding in Karachi. Nicknamed Operation Goldman, the remote of this audacious and perilious mission is instructed by RAW Chief from India ( Naseer).  In their collective pursuance of their purported mission, the film traces  their emotional journey as well,-  Villa with  his wife ( Saraswara) and kid and Rudra with a desolate and melancholic prostitute ( Shruti) .


Tightened editing, pulverant  action scenes and a splendid background score elevates D Day to a thoroughly compelling fare. Despite its minor blemishes and some unnecessarily stretched out scenes, both the writer and director foam out a vigorously paced script, bang on from the first scene . Music too, matches up with the explosive mood of the film, with a special mention of an impressively filmed song, where one of our male protagonists goes through a bloody carnage of his loved one, filmed in a way that it was happening in front of his own eyes. Absolutely brilliant! The climax portions and the ending of the film, thought melodramatic and theatrical , might raise some controversial hiccups in the long run, but nevertheless, deserves praise.

Performance wise, its a magnificent effort from the principled cast. Rishi Kapoor delivers yet another scintillating performance.The veteran is pushing boundaries with his every outing off late. His diction and get up as the menacing Iqbal Seth is smashing. Both Irfan Khan and Arjun Rampal deliver power packed performance, specially Arjun who brims fire and stone with his act of a recalcitrant  agent . Huma Qureshi gets limited scope, but performs competently, so as Akash Dahiya . Shruti Hassan shines in a brief role of a prostitute. Naseer , in a suitably restrained role as the RAW Chief, is a delight to watch on screen. Saraswara as Irfans wife and K.K.Raina as a Pakistani General provide appropriate support .Chandan Roy( Iqbal Seth’s nephew) gives a sadistic touch to his volatile character , and he plays well.

. If you can ignore some of its blotches,D Day sums up to be a taut and riveting thriller. Its worth a watch for its novel ending , to say the least 🙂


Watch it for:: A compelling script, scintillating and explosive performances, and a controversial yet wishful ending.




“Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”movie review– ‘Rock On’ Farhan!


In on the climax scenes of this flick, the coach of Pakistans Best Athlete  warns Milkha Singh before the race , “Milkha, yeh tumhari zindagi ki aakhri race hogi”..Prompt comes the reply “Bhagunga bhi waise hi “..This line summarises the spirit of  Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, an astounding tale of indomitable human spirit.

Bhaag Milka Bhaag chronicles the journey of India’s legendary athlete Milkha ( Farhan), his trials and tribulations , and  constant conflict with his inner demons.- of his past when partition brutally tored off his childhood. Amidst the blood and penury all around, he resorts to petty crimes and thefts, until he meets Beero( Sonam) , whom he instantly falls in love with. He finally gets his purpose in life, and joins the Indian Army, where he is mentored by his coach (Pawan Malhotra), and thus begins his journey of running –untiringly and breaking records all over the world, and to be remembered as a legend.

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s direction bears the hallmark of a master storyteller..Similiar on the lines of Rang De Basanti, he keeps BMB oscillating between sepia past of Milkhas childhood to the moods of the present. He keeps  the emotional momentum throughout brilliantly with his  well etched out characters, and some exceptional dramatic moments. But in an attempt to infuse too much into this biopic tale, he inadvertently loosens grip on the length of the film, by incorporating tracks/songs which could have been avoided completely.

Yet, BMB is immensely watchable primarily because of its exceptional portrayals of every character. Playing the titular role of Milkha Singh, Farhan Akhtar renders a mesmerizing and riveting performance. Armed with an awe inspiring body, he infuses life to a battered and bruised  Milkha through his  amazing grits and guts. He is phenomenal in every sequence, right from breaking into dance and bhangra (a la Punjab da Puttar!), to his unquestionable devotion to running , till the climax when he finally conquers his past. He is an absolute delight to watch in every frame.Without a doubt, his rendition of Milkha Singh would garner him accolades and awards from all over..

Sonam kapoor in a brief role as Beero makes a mark, as she lends a freshness to the entire film. Pawan Malhotra (coach), Divya Dutta  ( as Milkhas sister)  and Prakash Raj ( in a brief role as commanding role) render power packed performances. A special mention of the child artist portraying the role of the young Milkha, a brilliant act! A  well written script ( Prasoon Joshi) coupled with exceptional art direction ( Binod Pradhan) , BMB could have been a absorbing watch, only if it could have been a bit more tighter.

Still, BMB deserves a watch for Farhan Akhtar, and to cherish a tale of human spirit—undying, unifying and unassailable.. Bhaag Milkha ..Bhaag!!!


“Madras Cafe” Trailer review

Bollywoods answer to Hollywood’s Oscar Nominated film Argo might be in theatres soon, with the first look of Madras Cafe promising to be a tout espionage thriller, with the backdrop of  politics and terrorism. Helmed by the supremely talented director Shoojit Sircar, the films boasts of an impressive look and star cast, with John Abraham ( the producer as well) and Nargis Fakhri playing the main leads.

With an intriguing title name coupled with intense drama, Madras Cafe might just be another winner for both John and Shoojit, post their humongous success last year with Vicky Donor. Have a look!


Lootera Movie Review– Exquisitely crafted, satisfying love story!

Lootera is an exquisite and a beautifully woven love saga, entwined with a lyrical canvas and some memorable performances. A period drama set in the 1950s, its a brilliant leap from a director ( Vikramaditya Motwane) who made a highly impressive debut with Udaan ( 2010).

Pakhi ( Sonakshi), a self indulged and pampered daughter of the zamindar(Barun Chanda) of Mankepur Bengal), lives in her own dreams and a sheltered world, craving for freedom . Her world turns topsy turvy as she gets hooked by the  suave and dashing archaelogist  Varun ( Ranveer) , who enters the village, seeking permission from the zamindar to  excavate a site near a temple which is possessed by the archaic landlord. Subsequently , he enters their guest house along with his accomplice, and love blossoms between Varun and Pakhi. The young couple decide to tie the knot and the brides father makes arrangement, until destiny plays its own cruel game and the couple is faced with impregnable odds. The couple reunite after a year in Dalhousie, but situation is grim and volatile. A smouldering relation coupled with intense romance rekindles, with hatred, grudges and love!


Lootera is embellished on a beautiful canvas, with each and every detail of the yesteryears  woven into perfection. Alluring landscapes, sets  and the intrinsic background score lend perfect credence to the authenticity of the film. The film unfolds in its own languid pace, but the beauty of the film lies in its veracity. Yes, some people might find the pace extremely slow, but a romantic endeavour like this needs its own celerity and pace, and the director uncompromisingly balances it. But the hallmark of the film is the sizzling chemistry between the leads—pure, authentic and poetic.

Lootera is amplified with some fine performances, but it belongs to the two leads . Pitching in a competently heartfelt performance, Sonakshi is a complete revelation in Lootera. Displaying a myriad of emotions, from vulnerable to bitter and brittle, its by far the best performance of Sonakshi till date. She finally proves that she is much more than a plastic doll that she was meant to be in her earlier outings. Ranveer equally delivers a fine performance, punctuating his character with sensitivity and intensity with equal dexterity,

The supporting cast lends credible support to the film with Barun Chanda, Adif Zadil, Arif Zakaria and Divya Dutta, A special mention for the DOP Mahendra Shetty, for rendering the authentic shades to this love saga of yores.

Lootera is a must watch for the die hard poetic romantics. Watch it for its incorruptible favour, unmelodramatic tone and superlative performances. Soak yourself in this classic love saga!!

Watch it out for:: A classic love story , lyrical canvas, and top notch portrayal of the entire cast!


“Zanjeer” Movie trailer Review-A promising watch

“”Jab tak baithne ko na bola jaaye, seedhe khade raho..Yeh police station hain tumhare baap ka ghar nahin“”

This famous dialogue from one of the most revered films of India is an absolute class act from our very own Angry young man , Mr Amitabh Bachchan. Coupled with this, some memorable performances of powerhouse performers ( Pran, Jaya Bhaduri, Bindu  and Ajit), Zanjeer remains one of the most significant films of Indian cinema.

Remaking a revered film of a eons is not an easy task, but director Apurva Lakhias first look of his  modernized version of Zanjeer looks promising , with high doze of entertainment and dialogue baazi. Ram Charan Teja, the southern superstar( in his first bollywood role), reprises the author backed role of Vijay Saxena, with Sanjay Dutt , Prakash Raj, Priyanka Chopra and Mahie Gill redeeming the remaining pivotal characters.

With Agneepath creating a benchmark for a top quality product early last year, and Chasme badoor enjoying a successful run this summers, it will be interesting to see how audience respond to the remake of Zanjeer, a timeless classic…Have a look !