Lootera Movie Review– Exquisitely crafted, satisfying love story!

Lootera is an exquisite and a beautifully woven love saga, entwined with a lyrical canvas and some memorable performances. A period drama set in the 1950s, its a brilliant leap from a director ( Vikramaditya Motwane) who made a highly impressive debut with Udaan ( 2010).

Pakhi ( Sonakshi), a self indulged and pampered daughter of the zamindar(Barun Chanda) of Mankepur Bengal), lives in her own dreams and a sheltered world, craving for freedom . Her world turns topsy turvy as she gets hooked by the  suave and dashing archaelogist  Varun ( Ranveer) , who enters the village, seeking permission from the zamindar to  excavate a site near a temple which is possessed by the archaic landlord. Subsequently , he enters their guest house along with his accomplice, and love blossoms between Varun and Pakhi. The young couple decide to tie the knot and the brides father makes arrangement, until destiny plays its own cruel game and the couple is faced with impregnable odds. The couple reunite after a year in Dalhousie, but situation is grim and volatile. A smouldering relation coupled with intense romance rekindles, with hatred, grudges and love!


Lootera is embellished on a beautiful canvas, with each and every detail of the yesteryears  woven into perfection. Alluring landscapes, sets  and the intrinsic background score lend perfect credence to the authenticity of the film. The film unfolds in its own languid pace, but the beauty of the film lies in its veracity. Yes, some people might find the pace extremely slow, but a romantic endeavour like this needs its own celerity and pace, and the director uncompromisingly balances it. But the hallmark of the film is the sizzling chemistry between the leads—pure, authentic and poetic.

Lootera is amplified with some fine performances, but it belongs to the two leads . Pitching in a competently heartfelt performance, Sonakshi is a complete revelation in Lootera. Displaying a myriad of emotions, from vulnerable to bitter and brittle, its by far the best performance of Sonakshi till date. She finally proves that she is much more than a plastic doll that she was meant to be in her earlier outings. Ranveer equally delivers a fine performance, punctuating his character with sensitivity and intensity with equal dexterity,

The supporting cast lends credible support to the film with Barun Chanda, Adif Zadil, Arif Zakaria and Divya Dutta, A special mention for the DOP Mahendra Shetty, for rendering the authentic shades to this love saga of yores.

Lootera is a must watch for the die hard poetic romantics. Watch it for its incorruptible favour, unmelodramatic tone and superlative performances. Soak yourself in this classic love saga!!

Watch it out for:: A classic love story , lyrical canvas, and top notch portrayal of the entire cast!


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