“D-Day”Movie Review–A gripping, intelligent espionage thriller!

Bollywoods unabated fascination with Dawood Ibrahim is not unknown, with several flicks churning out on the worlds most wanted criminal in the last couple of years. The core plot of Nikhils Advanis latest flick D Day deals is weaved around Indian governments relentless tryst to bring back home worlds most wanted criminal Dawood, the primary accused behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts . And unlike the directors previous lacklustre outings ( Chandni Chowk to China, Patiala House), D Day is an engrossing thriller, bolstered with searing performances from the cast and a water tight script.

A surreptious team of four India  undercover agents – Villa ( Irfan), Rudra ( Arjun), Zoya ( Huma Qureshi) and Aslam ( Akash Dahiya) are entrusted with the task of cornering and excavating Iqbal Seth a.ka. Goldman ( Rishi Kapoor) , as he is all set to attend his sons wedding in Karachi. Nicknamed Operation Goldman, the remote of this audacious and perilious mission is instructed by RAW Chief from India ( Naseer).  In their collective pursuance of their purported mission, the film traces  their emotional journey as well,-  Villa with  his wife ( Saraswara) and kid and Rudra with a desolate and melancholic prostitute ( Shruti) .


Tightened editing, pulverant  action scenes and a splendid background score elevates D Day to a thoroughly compelling fare. Despite its minor blemishes and some unnecessarily stretched out scenes, both the writer and director foam out a vigorously paced script, bang on from the first scene . Music too, matches up with the explosive mood of the film, with a special mention of an impressively filmed song, where one of our male protagonists goes through a bloody carnage of his loved one, filmed in a way that it was happening in front of his own eyes. Absolutely brilliant! The climax portions and the ending of the film, thought melodramatic and theatrical , might raise some controversial hiccups in the long run, but nevertheless, deserves praise.

Performance wise, its a magnificent effort from the principled cast. Rishi Kapoor delivers yet another scintillating performance.The veteran is pushing boundaries with his every outing off late. His diction and get up as the menacing Iqbal Seth is smashing. Both Irfan Khan and Arjun Rampal deliver power packed performance, specially Arjun who brims fire and stone with his act of a recalcitrant  agent . Huma Qureshi gets limited scope, but performs competently, so as Akash Dahiya . Shruti Hassan shines in a brief role of a prostitute. Naseer , in a suitably restrained role as the RAW Chief, is a delight to watch on screen. Saraswara as Irfans wife and K.K.Raina as a Pakistani General provide appropriate support .Chandan Roy( Iqbal Seth’s nephew) gives a sadistic touch to his volatile character , and he plays well.

. If you can ignore some of its blotches,D Day sums up to be a taut and riveting thriller. Its worth a watch for its novel ending , to say the least 🙂


Watch it for:: A compelling script, scintillating and explosive performances, and a controversial yet wishful ending.




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