“Happy New Year” movie review- Illogical Heist, but will make you smile..!


  • Film: Happy New Year
  • Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff
  • Release Date: 24th Oct
  • Produced by :Red Chillies Entertainment
  • Directed by: Farah Khan
  • Story:  Farah Khan

SRK-Farah combo are back this Diwali again. Happy New Year has been generating unprecedented buzz much before its release, due to the mammoth promotions undertaken by the entire star cast. While one can never expect logic and a concrete storyline when it comes to Farah Khan ( OSO, Tees Maar Khaan), HNY does bear  the monogram of a Farah Khan film–Mindless entertainment with dozes of self indulgence.

Charlie (SRK), a Boston University topper ,with his glistening abs has the sole mission to destroy Charan Singh Grover ( Jackie), a multimillionare who destroyed his father Manohar ( Anupam Kher- in a emotional appearance) by incarcerating him in a fake robbery. He plans to tear him down by assembling a bunch of losers to aid him steal a bunch of diamonds. So we are introduced to them one by one, frame by frame–Jag ( Sonu Sood), an ex bomb squad member with more brawns and less hearing power, Rohan ( Vivaan), nephew of Jag and an expert in hacking, Nandu ( Abhishek), a drunkard who spills and spines over the road, and Tammy ( Boman Irani), an oldtime friend of Manohar and expert in safe breaking. The only route to steal the diamonds in Dubai is through World dance championship, and its here where Charlie takes the help of Mohini ( Deepika), a bar dancer who gyrates on music and loves English, but she can barely speak a sentence..


Inspite of a predictable screenplay and thin storyline, Farah Khan weaves out a humongous canvas, with sheer opulence in each and every frame. There are some terrific moments of madness and fun, which will make you fall off your seat. The camraderie of these bunch of losers lights up the screen and this is where HNY score big time, since there is absolutely nothing new to the proceedings and the film has a deja vu feeling to it. But the comic moments are a treat to watch–Scenes of Deepika rattling of unbroken English and the string of scenes where the men undergo a futile training on dance.

Shah Rukh leads the pack with a restrained performance, very much unexpected from a Farah Khan film. The very fact that Farah is in owe of Shahrukh is clearly evident, since she portrays him on a larger than life hero scale again. But this is certainly not SRK’s best performance since he has done this many a times before. Boman strikes the right chord everytime he appears on screen. Abhishek Bachchan aces his comic timing, especially in a scene where his character Nandu tries to unscrew a panel while executing the heist . But he decidedly gets less screen space, inspite of a double role.  Deepika Padukone is in fine form again, maintaining a perfect balance between her comic and emotional timing. Vivaan Shah as the young hacker fits the bill and does justice to his role, so as Jackie Shroff as the rich tycoon and Sonu Sood with more brawn and less brain..

If you are in for a Om Shanti Om brand of cinema, you will like HNY as it completely suits the festive spirit of Diwali-just go and have a blast..But certainly, if you are looking for logic and good quality cinema, simply stay away..