PINK Movie Review – Dont miss it ..

Disturbing , deeply moving and highly compelling..PINK retriggers  a brutal  reminder of a misogynist layered society we live in , where modern and  independent girls are automatically misconstrued as licentious and immoral.  In a extremely powerful and subtle narrative flourished with terrific performances from the entire cast, the makers drive home a point of paramount significance – when a women says No, it means No, irrespective of her past sexual escapades or being coquettish. No means No.


In a mix of  impeccable and smart storytelling, PINK relies on a series of events smeared in accusations and conversations, which had taken place one fateful night in a resort in Surajkund. The three women in question – Meenal (Tapsee Pannu), Falak (Kirti Kulhari), and, as she’s routinely described, “the one from the North East”, Andrea (Andrea Tariang)- are room mates and independent working women, who hang out with their group of male acquantainces in the resort, when something terrible happens. While the girls escape to their south delhi home, disconcerted  and tensed, the male counterparts rush to a hospital with one of them seriously injured.  The men, using their political connections in intimidating the women who spurned their advances, get Meenal arrested on an attempt to murder and other two for soliciting them that night. Enters Deepak Saigal ( Amitabh Bachchan), a retired lawyer suffering from bipolar disorder, who signs up as the defence lawyer for the harassed women for the trial.

There is a seamless transition of the film, from a nerve wrackling thriller to a engaging and riveting court room drama. The confrontation between prosecution and defence , and their witnesses is one of the best seen in recent times. Every frame of the courtroom drama unravels a dark yet honest truth about male prejudiced society and a feudal mindset our women faces on a daily basis.  Each and every character , from small to main roles has been written and enacted in flesh and blood. All three female protagonist portray their vulnerable characters exceptionally. Its a giant leap for them to deliver such a strong and connected performance in a socially relevant film. Amitabh Bachchan is a  class act. He uses his deep baritone voice to great effect, and one cant stop yourself from cheering him at the end. Angad Bedi, in a negative role is  menacing to the core, and the rest of the supporting cast elevate the film to great extent.

Its very difficult not to get impacted after you come out watching PINK. It can be the story of any Indian women anywhere, not just in Delhi. It serves as a wake up call rightly summed up during the course of the movie – “Its important to save our boys and not our girls”. Subtle yet powerful and deeply thought provoking, PINK is a must watch for everyone.