Ae Dil Hain Mushkil Review – Laced with terrific performances , this one is a winner all the way..


                  POPCORN ENTERTAINMENT RATING : 3.5/5 

With his latest emotional roller coaster Ae Dil Hain Mushkil, Karan johar finally comes off age from his rom com days (Kuch kuch hota hain) to a more matured take on enduring and platonic emotions of friendship and love. From  Pyaar dosti hain to dosti main sukoon hain,  ADHM revisits the theme of unreciprocated love with an honest and sensitive take on human relationships.

Ayan  ( Ranbir) and Alizeh (Anushka) hook up at a bar and end up being friends , with lots in common- both are crazy about bollywood songs, making fun about each others partners and both want to live life Kingsize. Complexity arises when Ayan gets attracted to Alizeh wants more from the relationship . She just wants to keep him as her best friend. Ayan is heartbroken, both seperate and find solace in different partners. Alizen with her ex  Ali ( Fawad) and  Ayan  with a divorcee – poet Saba ( Aishwarya).

Staying well within his comfort boundaries  of a ravishing star cast, exotic locales and soulful music, Karan Johar weaves out a complex yet  a genuinely engaging drama  of love and friendship which is bound to stay with your hearts and mind for long. You might get a sense of deja vu of karans own films in several scenes, but the authenticity of human emotions is sublime here through a  richly layered story which is weaved out with several poignant moments . The humour is laced with candour, and heartbreak is welled out with subtlety and  no superficiality.The chemistry between the two leads is so infectious and zany that you simply end up loving their banter, jokes and arguments. Though the film slackens a bit during post intermission , it pitches right up with a slight twist which i am sure will bring tears to your eyes towards the climax.


But the biggest strength of ADHM lies in  the riveting performances of its lead couple which keeps you invested throughout . The hugely talented Anushka Sharma is a definite treat to watch in every frame, pitching all the right notes  . She echoes the complexity and honesty of Alizeh with absolute  remarkability.  Aishwarya in a extended cameo of a poet justifies her role, and the same goes with Fawad Ali who is perfectly fits the role of a DJ. But its Ranbir kapoor who hits it out of the park with a superlative performance. His facial canvas encompassing emotions ranging from confusion to heartbreak is so heartening that you just cant take away your eyes from him. This one is a masterstroke from this magnificent actor.


Ably supported by a deluge of soulful tunes and music, ADHM provides a platform for a hero who loses out in love, yet wins the heart of love and affection of the viewer. Just go and watch it for the bravado of Ranbir and Anushka.





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