Golmaal Again – It has some genuinely funny moments


The 4th installment of  Golmaal promises what the comedy franchise has been churning out for the last 11 years – mindless entertainment . As the films tagline says , no logic only Magic, Golmaal 4 doesn’t dissapoint on the no logic count, as the film is frequently funny which keeps the viewers engaged in laughing out loud.

The good old gang of five — Gopal (Ajay), Madhav(Arshad), Lucky (Tusshar), Laxman (Shreyas) and Laxman, again! (Kunal) – are back with a bang, and this time in a haunted house.  Joining the  gang this time is  the clairvoyant Anna Mathew ( Tabu), who has the ability to see and talk to spirits . Its predominantly through her eyes that the film unfolds, with Parineeti (Chopra) , Prakash Raj  and Neil nitin mukesh playing other critical roles.

Like the previous installments of Golmaal, the highlight of Golmaal Again is the solid camaraderie between the male leads .  Whether its the lisping Laxman ( a terrific shreyas) or the prankster Madhav ( Arshad) ,all five of them create a  riot on screen. Watch the scene where a lisping  Laxman ( Shreyas) tries to send a scared Gopal ( Ajay) to sleep by singing a lullaby , and you will fall off your chair laughing . Ajay too, is in great form, playing the role of a bully who is horrified of ghosts. The film is resplendent with sharp and corny dialogues-  “Din ko dus dus ko dhota hai. Raat ko dar dar ke sota hai,” Johny Lever efficiently reprises his role of Pappi who loses his memory at the drop of a hat, and Sanjay Mishra delivers some of the best lines of the film with his usual panache and flair.  The film also smartly  derives most of the humour involving  an ageing Ajay falling in love with a much younger  Parineeti, with clever references to films like Lamhe and Cheeni Kum. Director Rohit Shetty additionally introduces  a horror angle this time which heightens up both the entertainment and emotional quotient.

While the first half moves at a brisk pace , its the second half which gets pedestrian for most of the time, when a backstory is revealed . The proceedings ranges from funny to average in this part, leading to a over the top climax.

Golmaal 4 1

But what keeps the film going is its terrific energy derived from its principal cast and crisp editing, bright locations and some peppy numbers. Golmaal 4 is definitely not original neither it has any logic, but it was never meant  to be like that.  If you want to have a blast and laugh out loud this festive period, Golmaal 4 will surely do the honours. Its the best of this Golmaal franchise.