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PINK Movie Review – Dont miss it ..

Disturbing , deeply moving and highly compelling..PINK retriggers  a brutal  reminder of a misogynist layered society we live in , where modern and  independent girls are automatically misconstrued as licentious and immoral.  In a extremely powerful and subtle narrative flourished with terrific performances from the entire cast, the makers drive home a point of paramount significance – when a women says No, it means No, irrespective of her past sexual escapades or being coquettish. No means No.


In a mix of  impeccable and smart storytelling, PINK relies on a series of events smeared in accusations and conversations, which had taken place one fateful night in a resort in Surajkund. The three women in question – Meenal (Tapsee Pannu), Falak (Kirti Kulhari), and, as she’s routinely described, “the one from the North East”, Andrea (Andrea Tariang)- are room mates and independent working women, who hang out with their group of male acquantainces in the resort, when something terrible happens. While the girls escape to their south delhi home, disconcerted  and tensed, the male counterparts rush to a hospital with one of them seriously injured.  The men, using their political connections in intimidating the women who spurned their advances, get Meenal arrested on an attempt to murder and other two for soliciting them that night. Enters Deepak Saigal ( Amitabh Bachchan), a retired lawyer suffering from bipolar disorder, who signs up as the defence lawyer for the harassed women for the trial.

There is a seamless transition of the film, from a nerve wrackling thriller to a engaging and riveting court room drama. The confrontation between prosecution and defence , and their witnesses is one of the best seen in recent times. Every frame of the courtroom drama unravels a dark yet honest truth about male prejudiced society and a feudal mindset our women faces on a daily basis.  Each and every character , from small to main roles has been written and enacted in flesh and blood. All three female protagonist portray their vulnerable characters exceptionally. Its a giant leap for them to deliver such a strong and connected performance in a socially relevant film. Amitabh Bachchan is a  class act. He uses his deep baritone voice to great effect, and one cant stop yourself from cheering him at the end. Angad Bedi, in a negative role is  menacing to the core, and the rest of the supporting cast elevate the film to great extent.

Its very difficult not to get impacted after you come out watching PINK. It can be the story of any Indian women anywhere, not just in Delhi. It serves as a wake up call rightly summed up during the course of the movie – “Its important to save our boys and not our girls”. Subtle yet powerful and deeply thought provoking, PINK is a must watch for everyone.






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Airlift Movie Review- Akshay triumphs in this inspiring tale



The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait , helmed by Saddam Hussein Regime way back in

1990’s is perhaps vivid in our memories till now. Airlift rewinds a real life incident

which is a  forgotten history now- a  massive and enormous rescue mission

encompassing the  evacuation of close to 1,70,000 Indians stuck in Kuwait during

the Gulf War. It is recounted and narrated through the eyes of Ranjit Katyal ( Akshay

Kumar),  a wealthy Indian business man in Kuwait ,who, along with a group of some

accomplices,  undertakes the cudgels of this overwhelming mission to rescue the

indians from the clutches of Iraqi regime.

Ranjit Katiyal, a shrewd  Indian businessman  is leading a luxurious life with his

family, wife Amrita ( Nimrat) and young daughter Sonu . His life turns topsy turvy

when Iraq invades Kuwait, and overnight, he finds himself in middle of a life crisis

with the Iraqi forces running riot on the streets of Kuwait. Deserted by all his high

profile echelons, he decides to escape to London with his family. But he finds

himself on the cross roads when his loyal employees look up to their leader  amidst

this catastrophe. His humane side tested, Katiyal decides to lead the stranded

Indians back home with safety.

images 2

Gritty and compelling, Airlift derives its biggest strength from its sheer authenticity.

The undercurrent of fear and uncertainty  is remarkably defined throughout the film,

especially in the scenes where Kuwait is ripped apart by the monstrous Iraqi soldiers

and the helplessness of the stranded Indians inside the camp.  Cinematography is top

notch and successfully captures the realistic fabric of the movie. But just when Airlift

seems to be on its route to a thrilling and captivating end, the writers fail to insert a

sense of urgency during its post intermission parts till the climax, which could have

otherwise lifted the film to an impeccable scale.

Yet, Airlift is inspired by some wonderful and endearing performances which lets you

overlook this minor blemish. Akshay leads the film with a terrific performance. The

actor effortlessly understates his heroic act and enmeshes endurance and honesty

flourishingly. Airlift proves yet again the calibre and talent of this wonderful actor.

He is ably supported by Nimrat Kaur, who despite initial hiccups, comes up

triumphs during the later parts of the film.  Purab Kohli is effective in a brief role of a

Muslim Indian while Prakash Belavadi is aptly cast as the bearish man who never

loses a chance to whine. But its Kumud mishra who impresses , in his short role of a

unrelenting and committed  government officer who works interminably to get the

required approvals from the lackdaisacal ministers. A special mention

of Inaamulhaq- playing the smeary Iraqi general possessing a discordant hindi

accent. He is an absolute pleasure to watch in the film.

A well researched film, director Raja Menon and his writers evoke a soaring sense of

pride through this real life story. Subtle yet effective, Airlift is a must watch.

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Dhrishyam Movie Review– A celebral thriller that keeps you on the edge

29-1438189187-cgt2yv1viaewfm5     Dhrishyam needs no introduction. Originally conceptualized and directed by Jeethu Joseph, this Mohanlal starrer Malayalam film garnered both critical and commercial success in 2013. Unsurprisingly, this low budget thriller spiraled remakes in virtually all the regional languages ( Kannada, Telugu, Tamil) in quick succession. The hindi version of Dhrishyam brings back the powerful duo of Ajay Devgn and Tabu pitted against each other on screen after a hiatus. Nishikant Kamat, director who helmed the impressive Mumbai Meri Jaan and an above average Force, stays true to the original blueprint of the Malayalam thriller. Despite of minor glitches, Dhrishyam comes up trumps as a compelling and engaging thriller, which will keep you on the edge right till the climax. The film  explores the ordinary life of Vijay Salgaocar ( Ajay Devgn) , a 4th class dropout yet a sharp and witty man who runs his own cable business in the outskirts of Goa. He is happily settled with his wife ( Shriya Saran) and two daughters and are a close knit family. While Vijay is obsessed about watching movies  most of his time, his affable nature makes him a local favourite at his place. His life is going on a perfect track until an unfortunate incident pits him and his family against Meera Deshmukh ( Tabbu) , a ferocious and unrelenting IG of police and her businessman husband (Rajat Kapoor). Thus begins an intense  battle of wits and emotions, fuming up a dramatic conflict which forms core of the film.

Nishikant Kamat does a splendid  job in weaving out this gripping story in its own pace. While the first half is mostly spent in  delineating  the respective characters and their lighter side , its the post intermission part which keeps you hooked and engaged till the end. The watertight screenplay is not designed as a murder mystery or thriller, since the audience is aware of the culprit. But its the cat and mouse game and the battle of wits that is the high point of Dhrishyam. Its a real thrill witnessing a web of lies being concocted by one side, and the other side investing all their efforts in  dissecting the theory and clawing back to the truth-This mental combat between the police and an ordinary family is a delight to watch. Its not that the film is devoid of flaws–the length of the film and songs should have been trimmed. Also, unlike the original, the bonding between Vijay and his family is not explored competently. But as i mentioned earlier, the excellent script trumps up all the glitches in one shot and keeps you riveted till the end.drishyam1 Dhrishyam also works because of some fine performances by its dependable cast. Ajay Devgn pitches in a remarkably understated performance, and its good to see him in form after his previous inconsequential ventures. He brings his trademark angst and converts it into a simmering portrayal of a father who can go any  extent to protect his family. Tabu  brings all her elegance and brilliance in her complex character of a yearning mother under the shell of a unforgiving IG police cop, and she is an absolute winner here. Shriya Saran does justice to her role and so as Rajat kapoor. Kamlesh Savant plays the role of a loathsome cop who revels in tormenting the innocent family with panache. Supporting actors ( a special mention of Ishita Dutta who plays the elder daughter) lend credibility to the proceedings. This film might just fall short of the original, but nevertheless is a great piece of work. A perfect combination of gripping story and terrific performances, Dhrishyam is a must watch.

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“All is Well” trailer review–Bang On!!

Who can forget Oh My God , the religious satire released way back in 2012 , which was a refreshing and novel take on religion and godmen. The makers are back now with All is Well ( Yes, the famous slogan from 3 idiots) and this time, the premise looks on familial lines.

The opening credits of the trailer synchronizes a debt ridden father with his selfish son and ailing mother, and film revolves around the intricacies of their relationship, albeit, with tons of humour.

The trailer looks highly promising, with all the prinicipal characters–Rishi Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin– looking in prime form. This film is critical for both Abhishek and Asin, as both of them havent delivered a substantial solo hit score in last couple of years. This film might just hit the bulls eye with the stamp of the director Umesh Shukla, who deservedly won plaudits for Oh My God.

Now its wait and watch for 21st Aug!!

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“Dil Dhadakne Do” movie review- Refreshing and Rejuvenating , despite hiccups!


Film: Dil Dhadakne Do;Director: Zoya Akhtar; Starring: Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra; Produced by: Excel Entertainment

If there is one director who believes in rejuvenation on a exotic canvas, it has to be Zoya Akhtar. If ZNMD ( Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) promoted bromance on a road trip in Spain, DDD ( Dil Dhadakne Do) capitalizes on a 10 day Mediterrian Cruise as a vehicle to resolve family problems. And fortunately, Zoya succeeds in this ensemble extravaganza of rich families, emotions and mega stars. DDD cruises on the premise of a completely flawed and disoriented family, who reconnect themselves in the mid of their exotic journey on a ship. But this cruise is filled with turbulent waters though, with a shallow and stretched story coupled with a disappointing climax.

The film whirls around the Mehra family–a completely messed up unit who have absolutely no clue whats going on each other lives. Kamal Mehra ( Anil Kapoor), a self made and pompous  business tycoon is on the verge of crumbling down under bankruptcy. His high class and highly pretentious wife Neelam ( Shefali Shah) , well aware of his hubby’s philandering ways but who conveniently overlooks it, schemes with Kamal and invites their uptown and bloated friends on a luxury trip to Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their 30th Wedding anniversary. Here they are joined by their children- a perplexed Kabir Mehra ( Ranveer Singh) and the ambitious and sulking Ayesha Mehra ( Priyanka Chopra). A motley of characters get on board – Ayesha’s abhorrent hubby Manav ( Rahul Bose) and his overdramatic mother ( Zarina Wahab), club dancer Farah ( Anushka Sharma), Ayesha’s ex flame Sunny ( Farhan ) and loads of venomous and overbearing buddies.! Its on the course of this trip that the Mehras recondition themselves when complications arise and reunify as a family to deal with them.

The biggest strength of DDD lies in its sensitive treatment of the core matter- Family issues. Zoya thrivingly entangles the web of crunch matters that thump the otherwise affluent indian family to the core–Male chauvinism, extramarital alliances, heavy handedness of parents. If Ayesha charters a successful course in her professional life, she is completely ignored by both her parents and chauvinistic husband and mother in law. Kabir’s heart lies in being a pilot, but is forced to crumble under his dominant father to shine in his business. Both Kamal and Neelam are surviving their marriage on the threshold of dishonesty and pretention. And all this is handled minus being preachy and    moralizing, but with a cushion of breezy humor and class acts by the entire star cast. But turbulent waters are on the shore as well–a long stretched first half which tests your patience, and a completely superfluous climax, which chunks out the authenticity of the crescendo of emotions built up so nicely till the end.

But these loopholes you can ignore,  because of the watertight and excellent performances of the entire ensemble cast.  Senior Mehras are simply outstanding. Anil Kapoor, in his first greyed hair look in his career, pitches in a class act. He mixes his arrogance and tremulousness with absolute ease. Shefali Shah, as his flamboyant and brooding wife matches it up with a terrific portrayal . Worth mention is a scene where she binges erratically on chocolates and pastries to vent out her frustration when his flirtatious husband blatantly ignores her in public. Ranveer singh is an absolute revelation here, delivering a superlative performance. Whether he is silently supporting his sister Ayesha or incorrigibly flirting with Farah, he brings a bouyance and vulnerability to his character and nails it completely. Priyanka Chopra lends all her experience and dignity to Ayesha, and comes up as a winner. Both Farhan and Anushka, inspite of minimal scope to their characters, render credibility to their performances. Supportive starcast, including Rahul Bose and Zarina Wahab do justice to their roles. And of course, not to forget Pluto ( the Dog and the narrator), whose significance lies in his voice !!!!!

DDD is a notch below ZNMD, but its another feather in the cap of the skilled film maker Zoya Akhtar. Relaxing and entertaining, you will enjoy this mad cap cruise ride if you choose to ignore the choppy waters during the cruise.

P:S –Watch out for the sole and standout soundtrack ” Amritsar Churiyan” and the panoramic cinematography of the exotic locales..!

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“Dhrishyam “Preview

Bollywood and its predilection with South remakes..If month of May had Akshay Kumar reprising the telugu hit Ramanna with Gabbar is Back, the upcoming month of July will witness Ajay Devgn in the remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Drushyam, starring the  veteran Mohanlal.

Directed by the extremely competent Nishikant Kamat ( Mumbai Meri Jaan, Force), Drishyam reunites two power house performers on screen after a long time–Ajay Devgn and Tabu. While the original had Mohanlal essaying the role of protagonist, Ajay Devgn looks very much the character of an uneducated man entangled in a web of crisis. Completely different from the regular south potboilers and remakes, Dhrishyam promises a film of intellect with right dose of emotions and solid story. Highly awaited!

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“Humaari Adhuri Kahani”–Preview

Vishesh films are back with their trademark stamp of a melancholic love story with Humaari Adhuri Kahani, starring their in house favorite Emraan Hashmi , who teams up with Vidya Balan after their box office dud Ghanchakkar. The upcoming film , helmed by Mohit Suri , also stars Rajkummar Rao in a pivotal role. The premise of the flick is based on the real life story of Mahesh Bhatt’s parents, and boasts of an impressive soundtrack by current favorites Jeet Ganguly and Mithoon.

The first look of the film is undoubtedly impressive, with all the three principal characters promising a restrained and solid performance.  Both Hashmi and Balan would be relying heavily on the success of this film, considering their previous three individual outings proving to be commercial disasters. But HAK heightens the viewers expectations with a solid soundtrack perfectly in sync with the emotional aspect of the story. Come 12th June and we expect to witness a power packed film from one of the most under-rated and successful banners…!!!