“Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”movie review– ‘Rock On’ Farhan!


In on the climax scenes of this flick, the coach of Pakistans Best Athlete  warns Milkha Singh before the race , “Milkha, yeh tumhari zindagi ki aakhri race hogi”..Prompt comes the reply “Bhagunga bhi waise hi “..This line summarises the spirit of  Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, an astounding tale of indomitable human spirit.

Bhaag Milka Bhaag chronicles the journey of India’s legendary athlete Milkha ( Farhan), his trials and tribulations , and  constant conflict with his inner demons.- of his past when partition brutally tored off his childhood. Amidst the blood and penury all around, he resorts to petty crimes and thefts, until he meets Beero( Sonam) , whom he instantly falls in love with. He finally gets his purpose in life, and joins the Indian Army, where he is mentored by his coach (Pawan Malhotra), and thus begins his journey of running –untiringly and breaking records all over the world, and to be remembered as a legend.

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s direction bears the hallmark of a master storyteller..Similiar on the lines of Rang De Basanti, he keeps BMB oscillating between sepia past of Milkhas childhood to the moods of the present. He keeps  the emotional momentum throughout brilliantly with his  well etched out characters, and some exceptional dramatic moments. But in an attempt to infuse too much into this biopic tale, he inadvertently loosens grip on the length of the film, by incorporating tracks/songs which could have been avoided completely.

Yet, BMB is immensely watchable primarily because of its exceptional portrayals of every character. Playing the titular role of Milkha Singh, Farhan Akhtar renders a mesmerizing and riveting performance. Armed with an awe inspiring body, he infuses life to a battered and bruised  Milkha through his  amazing grits and guts. He is phenomenal in every sequence, right from breaking into dance and bhangra (a la Punjab da Puttar!), to his unquestionable devotion to running , till the climax when he finally conquers his past. He is an absolute delight to watch in every frame.Without a doubt, his rendition of Milkha Singh would garner him accolades and awards from all over..

Sonam kapoor in a brief role as Beero makes a mark, as she lends a freshness to the entire film. Pawan Malhotra (coach), Divya Dutta  ( as Milkhas sister)  and Prakash Raj ( in a brief role as commanding role) render power packed performances. A special mention of the child artist portraying the role of the young Milkha, a brilliant act! A  well written script ( Prasoon Joshi) coupled with exceptional art direction ( Binod Pradhan) , BMB could have been a absorbing watch, only if it could have been a bit more tighter.

Still, BMB deserves a watch for Farhan Akhtar, and to cherish a tale of human spirit—undying, unifying and unassailable.. Bhaag Milkha ..Bhaag!!!