Reviewing a movie is a tough nut to crack, with varied emotions playing in your mind, and one is forced to culminate an opinion about the film. Yes, every Friday when a movie releases, the movie goers flip through the pages of the daily newspapers to skew on the film review pages..I think that’s the only day when the opinion  of Anupama Chopra, Raja Sen, Nikhat Kazmi, Taran Adarsh,become so integral in formulating our decision to go for a movie or not :). 

I find the movie reviews paradoxical in nature, since i feel its extremely difficult for a critic to gauge the taste of the people. There have been innumerable instances where a film has been brilliantly reviewed, and has proven to be a failure at Box Office. Conversely, a film trashed to the cans has emerged immensely successful at BO. For me, there is absolutely no correlation between the Box office results and the reviews shared by critics, because, ultimately , understanding the pulse of the audience is the most toughest job .

I have always been enamored  by cinema, so much , that i can be easily categorized as a Die Hard Movie Buff.! I literally get goosebumps when I am a part of the audience, witnessing the euphoria of the first day first show..:) The beeline of moviegoers for tickets, people thronging to the halls to catch the first show of their favorite stars..its completely magical..!!

This blog will  reflect my opinion towards the world of cinema, with reviews on movies    I have been watching, and which are on my wish list .This blog is my tribute to cinema, rather..a tribute to a medium which has throughout mesmerized me, and stays ensconced as my fascinating  hobby since my childhood.