Kya Super Cool Hain Hum…A crass sequel to a crude original..

First thing first, i was hardly impressed by the original ” Kya kool hain hum” and to be candid, never liked it at first place, though  i was zapped and appalled with its unexpected box office success. So keeping in lines with the current trend of churning out sequels and to create a successful franchise, ” Kya Super Kool hain Hum” is an addition to this overgrowing list. Sadly, the verdict for this movie remains the same as its prequel..Lewd , licentious, and ribald…

Agreed,  Adult sex comedies are creating a niche for themselves in Bollywood off late, with movies like Delhi Belly pushing the bar and rendering a novel source of entertainment to the audience. But KSCHH is no Delhi Belly, and neither can be categorised as a decent comedy entertainer. Watching KSCHH, one has an sturdy feeling that Director Sachin Virdi had just sexual puns in his script, with no story. To top it all, highly derogatory performances- and KSCHH turns out to be an embodiment of verbal obscenity at its best.

The tepid plot of this obscene filled movie boasts of two aimless and jobless folks – a struggling musician , aspiring to be DJ ( Ritesh) and a striving and vapid actor ( Tusshar) who aims to act in movie likes “Chingham, Bra One” ( yes, this is the stuff in here). In addition to this, ” Suckru“, the obedient dog  of Ritesh, plays the third cog in this threesome act,  who subserviently mates to  his masters vocals, for money and living. The trio goes to Goa to get themselves mired  in a madless sexual journey, coupled with two engaging eye candies ( Neha Sharma and Sarah Jane Dias), who have simply nothing to do in the film in terms of acting prowess.  Augmenting this insipid and harebrained fare are characters of 3G baba ( Chunky Pandey, at his disgusting best), and a self confessed bollywood maniac Mr Marlowe ( Anupam Kher), who considers a dog as his Mom’s reincarnation, and calls her MeriMarLo ( Meri- Mar- Lo….?)

The film is flushed with innumerable sexual innuendos, which invariably turn out to be perforating gags in this so called slapstick sex  comedy. The makers certainly believed that one liners can weave itself into a plot and hence,completely sidetracked the cognitive part of a film  – thats the story. Instead, we have an assemblage of some school boy humours, and a pilferage of dirty” double intented forced” puns- ” Agra main Viagra“, ” Mujhe Bade Acche lagte hain“, “Mere do anmol ratan“- absolutely crass and insulting.

Performance wise, we have some decent actors performing at their undecorous best. Ritesh , a rather self assured actor with a good hold over his comic timings, acts well,and tries hard to bring some semblance in this ludicrous fare,  though i strongly feel he is now a typecast hero in this genre. Tusshar hams and hams and hams..he takes his comic timings to his hammiest best  as the film progresses.  Songs, (the least said the better ), only adds to the unbearable length of this painful experience.

The two girls, as i said earlier, are at their sexiest best  ( pun intended) , and less said about their performances. Chunky Pandey is a complete derogatory , with a wig that adds to his pornographic performance. I was surprised by Anupam Kher though. What the hell this legendary actor is doing here? Sir, your comic timing is unquestionable, but in a movie like this with those horrible one liners..not acceptable.

Perhaps the  only good thing of the movie is opening line of the starting frame of this flick “Rahu ne eske career ki Rahul Roy Kar di“( Ouch!!!) . But as another of those libidinous one liner screams “ Isko to ab Rajnikanth hi bacha sakta hain“, holds completely  true for this flick .

Watch it for: No recommendations for this one. But if you are looking for a sexless sex comedy, this might be your answer, though completely at your own risk. 🙂