“Dedh Ishqiya” review- A Delectable platter full of wit!


Khalujan and Babban  are back with their escapades, and with a huge bang this time. If the prequel Ishqiya was studded with unpredictable twists and turns and a crackling chemistry between the lead actors, Dedh Ishiqya is an absolute class act in terms of witty screenplay and writing. Ornate with some exceptional dialogues and clever story, Dedh Ishqiya is a top notch successor  to its equally worthy prequel.

Without unraveling much of the plot, Dedh Isqiya kicks up in  Mahmudabad, where our Khalujan visits with an intention to win the nawabi swayamvar, organised by the beautiful widow Begum Para ( Madhuri Dixit). Begum Para intends to find her suitable husband through the shayari competition, with the aid of her close confidante Munia ( Huma Quereshi). In keeping with lines with the prequel, both Khalujan and Babban are still on the  run from their boss, after they get separated during a  jeweler store robbery. But little they know is that they are inching towards a veil of deceit and conspiracy , and that all that glitters is not gold!

Neatly directed by Abhishek Choubey, Dedh Ishqiya stays grounded on its earthy humour right from start to finish, with a delicious mix of witty dialogues and sparkling performances from its principled cast. The film tends to drag a bit during the post interval portions, but its ensured the screenplay with the undercurrent humor   stays tight. Several moments stay etched in your memory –the introductory prologue in the robbery, confrontation between Vijay Raaz’s gang and our two local thieves, the pandemonium during the climax–absolutely brilliant.

Naseer delivers a commendable act. His Khalujaan is a delightful mix of brain and heart power. Ditto for Arshad as Babban, an extremely calibrated act filled with humour and brawn power. Huma Qureshi continues where she left from D-Day. She seems to be improving with every film. As a close confidante of the begum, she renders an energy to her Munia which is a delight to watch. Madhuri Dixit  retains her innocence, and renders a splendid performance. Vijay Raaz, as the touted Nawab is brilliant. I wonder why he is so underutilized in  celluloid. Manoj Pahwa is impressive in his cameo role.

Dedh Ishqiya is a smart earthy thriller to come out in recent times. Dhoom Franchise might have earned humoungously, but both Babban and Khalujan have ensured that their franchise remains the way they themselves are–loving, adorable and absolutely delectable!!!