“‘R..Rajkumar” review – Exhaustively Excruciating Experience

In a recent interview couple of weeks back, Shahid Kapoor candidly confessed that he is an under-rated actor of  his generation, who is desperately looking for a hit to get back on track to match  the mercurial rising of his contempories, especially Ranbir and too an extent, Ranveer. His desperation is genuine, since his last solid hit was Badmaash Company, way back in 2010. Since then, he has shown flashes of brilliance in all his films, but that has not resulted in good box office numbers. His desperation is vivid in his latest outing R..Rajkumar, helmed by Prabhu Deva, where he dons a completely new avatar of a beefed up action hero in a trademark masala potboiler, with loads of action/stunts, gyrating numbers and a skeletal storyline. But R..Rajkumar begins and ends with just one experience–Exhaustion!, and a clear indication that a talent like Shahid Kapoor needs a miracle to end his drought of miserable films.


A film which offers a zero sum value in terms of characters and plot,   R..Rajkumar unfolds the story of Rajkumar Shahid), who mysteriously lands in a lawless village bifurcated between  two gangs. He sharply joins Sivaraj ( Sonu Sood), and thus begins the tryst of mindless action and songs. Add to it a mandatory track of wolf whistling with a girl Chanda ( Sonakshi),and you have a film ready on your platter.

A film pompous with corny dialogues and extremely pathetic performances, R..Rajkumar is an assortment of crass and crudely directed scenes, beneath the veneer of an entertaining film. Shahid tried hard and sometimes really hard to make a mark, but the role of a beefed up goonda smashing and pounding people simply doesnt suit him. So as Sonakshi Sinha, who is getting completely monotonous in her inconsequential roles in these mindless flicks. Sonu Sood tried to reprise his Dabanggiri here, but falls flat on a skeletal plotlne.  The saving grace of the film is undoubtedly its music, and Shahid’s bravura dance moves.



R..Rajkumar offers exhaustion in terms of entertainment, with complete wastage of time and money. I am not sure about its box office prospects, but i really felt sorry for Shahid. The supremely talented actor deserves a much better film to over write his recent failures, and a bad dream called R..Rajkumar..!