“Chakravyuh” Trailer Review- A typical Prakash Jha fare!

Prakash Jha, known for showcasing relevant socio-political issues through the medium of cinema, is back with another hard hitting film “Chakravyuh“, slated to release this October. After a tepid response to his last flick “Aarakshan“( based on caste reservation), Jha expounds the smouldering issue of Naxalites, one of the gravest issues being faced by India in todays times.

As with most of his films, the first look of Chakravyuh bears the stamp of a typical Prakash Jha film- dark, gritty and hard hitting.  The trailer depicts the story of burning naxalite issues,  and the deep impact it compounds on the individuals. The film boasts of several platitudes by the naxals, intricate political upheavals, and tearing human emotions.

Arjun Rampal in the principal cast of a Superintendent of Police looks gallant, so as Manoj Bajpayee as the ferocious leader of Naxals. But its the inclusion of Abhay Deol which took me by surprise, who indeed looks promising as a friend turned foe for Arjun. Supporting characters of Om Puri, Esha Gupta and couple of new faces leave an impact in the first look.

Gangaajal took us to Bhagalpur blinding case, Rajneeti brought back family politics, Aarakshan fermented the caste reservation issue, and with Chakravyuh, Jha  explores the ghastly world of Naxalites. Come October, and it will be time to  face a harsh reality again!

Watch it out for: Another hard hitting drama from Prakash Jha , and  talented  performances by the principal cast