Cocktail ….is hackneyed and spiritless

How many times have we seen a love triangle where there are two girl and a guy..all three are great friends, then one starts liking the other, and the third, falls head over heals over the same guy..the guy feels bad for the former friend, and sacrifices her love..and then ultimately, the  boy girl settles with the original girl of her choice, and everything is happy thereafter..A Beaten to Death theme..Period

Cocktail follows this beaten to death theme, with a smorgasbord of exotic foreign locales, few hummable songs, typical todays youth lingo and loads of attitude.. Saif Ali Khan reprises a role which he does the best,of a confused lover boy, which has been become a cliche role for him. Here he playes Gautam, an audacious flirt,  who gets   into a no string attached relationship with Veronica, played by the debonair Deepika Padukone, who boasts of a carefree and kick ass attitude. Deepika’s best  friend Meera, played by newbie Diana Penty, who is hassled with her own marital woes, initially hates Gautam and considers him to be a good for nothing sort of a guy.  With Veronica being the common bond , all three friends have a blast , until the abrupt arrival of Gautams Mother ( played brillantly by the evergreen Dimple Kapadia), a staunch believer in Indian tradition and values, on a mission to get her nomadic son settled down with a pure desi Indian Girl.  To save himself,  Gautam introduces Meera as her would be wife, with uncle Boman Irani playing the supporting part in convincing his mother. Gautam and Meera start liking each other in enacting this play, which makes Veronica jealous and insecure, and thus starts the roller coaster ride of   high decibel emotions. 

Cocktail is an Old wine in a new bottle,lacking novelty and freshness. Director Homi Adjania and writer Imtiaz Ali make an attempt to punch in all the ingredients of a perfect love story, making the movie ardous and too sweet to digest. The movie begins with a bang, with some great comic moments, but slowly fizzles out in steam, ending up as a predictable love story. The directorial abilities of Homi remains unquestioned, but its the screenplay which is a big let down, making Homis second directorial venture ( after the much acclaimed Being Cyrus ) a ” Bloody Mary without a Vodka

Performance wise, Saif is strictly ok, with nothing new to offer. His ageing looks and patterned mannerisms as a disoriented lover boy, are getting extremely wearisome, and its high time for a talented actor like him to clutch himself out of his comfort zone. Diany Penty, in her introductory role, does a decent job, though , she has a long long way to go.  Randeep Hooda, in a miss and blink role, maintains a dazed look throughout, as if asking himself “What am I doing in this film?” Seasoned actors like Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani are wasted in their concise roles, but the scene stealer is Deepika Padukone, who pitches in a riveting performance, enacting the transition from a  carefree girl to a neglected and insecure partner in love, with excellent dexterity. Watch her bursting out in an inebriated state , firing  a barrage of accusations to Gautam, Meera and her screwed up life. An absolutely scintillating  performance..

The much hyped music by Pritam boasts of one wonderful track ” Tumhi Ho Bandhu”  picturised brillantly on the lead stars. The rest of the tracks lack the punch, the only other saving grace being “Daaru Desi”

Cocktail , with a clear focus on the Gen X, has it moments, mostly sporadic and inconsistent, and  has the  right ingredients in right proportion,  and would have possibly  turned out to be a tempting and intoxicating love story.  Rather, its mostly flat romance and  a predictable story line, deliberately making it an  exhausting and vapid experience.

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Watch it for : Tumhi ho Bandhu Song, Deepika  Padukone ,occasional good comic moments, and only if you have nothing to do..