“Kick” Movie Review–Get set for a Salman feast…



  • Film: Kick
  • Starring: Salman Khan, Randeep Hooda, Jacqueline Fernandez,Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Release Date: 25 July 2014
  • Produced by :Sajid Nadiadwala
  • Directed by: Sajid Nadiadwala
  • Story/Screenplay:  Vamsi/ Rajat Arora,Keith Gomes, Sajid, Chetan Bhagat
  • Music: Himesh Reshammaiya

Straight up, Kick is the quintessential Salman ” Bhai” affair. Completely devoid of logic,with full throttle mindless entertainment. Its actually fruitless to review a film starring an actor whose humoungous success in recent times ( all his films since Dabanng have crossed 100 crores) is still a conundrum to solve. With his recently released Kick, Salman dials up his own success formula again with unabashed charm and chutzpah.And he succeeds, yet giving his fans the much needed “Eidiee” they deserved, after a rather dissapointing Jai Ho ( which still was a 126 crore hit).

Devi Lal Singh ( Salman), an eccentric  and a good hearted Samaritan,  meets Dr Shaina ( Jacqueline) under weird circumstances, and  their love electrifies and blossoms , until the instability and outlandish behaviour of Devi ( quitting 32 jobs and yet to get one) sparks a tiff between them and Devi leaves Shaina . With the brooding and shy Shaina  losing her sheen and smile over her ephemeral love story, she meets her new suitor Himanshu tyagi ( Randeep Hodda), a hard cop police officer, who has lost his sleep over  Devil,a disguised masked thief on a  robbing spree and the only blotch in his otherwise impeccable police career. His mission to nab Devil is mired with twists and turns, so will he be able to crack this guy? salman-khan-in-kick-movie-wallpaper

Remake of a Telugu blockbuster and shot lavishly on a extravagant scale,first time director Sajid Nadiadwala ensures a spiced up story with all the ingredients that a Salman flick has. Kick a string of scenes which will keep you hooked– especially the role reversal scene between the suitor ( Salman) and girls ‘Diplomat”father ( Saurabh Shukla), when Devi ( Salman) gets into jail and the pandemonium that occurs after his father ( Mithun) arrives.  But the pace of the film dips intermittently, and the romantic angle between Devi and Shaina lacks conviction. But these quibbles are suitably backed up by some terrific action scenes and hummable numbers, with a climax that actually matches up with the dialogue that Salman declares “‘Dil main aata hun, samajh main nahin“”  🙂

Kick is an absolute tribute to the charismatic Salman–a bad guy with a heart of Gold. And indeed, the actor seems to be on a roll in this film. He  flourishes in churning  out his volte face act from a fun loving goofy Devi to a skilled robber Devil. Full throttled from scene one, the inhibited actor is a bang for bucks, with an amazing spontaneity he displays with infectious energy. He is superbly matched up by  crackling performance from Randeep Hooda, who gets equal footage like the actor and does complete justice to it. He matches up with the actor frame to frame, elevating the film to higher levels through his dexterity.  Nawazuddin Siddiqui, in a short yet significant role as a menacing villian leaves an indelible impression. Jacqueline is elegance personified, but she needs to improve her diction. Saurabh Shukla, Mithun Chakravorty, and Archana Puran singh render justice to their roles . And of course, not to forget “Jumme Ki Raat” and  ” Hangover”, songs which will roar up our Bhai fans with whistles and whoppies.

kick movie 1


Kick defies cinematic logic, but then, it will end up being one of the  biggest blockbusters of the year, because of that one man standing tall above all–Salman Khan. Just go and have a blast, you wont get bored. Its Salman Khan at his “Devilish” best.

                                    PopCorn Entertainment Rating–3/5



“Ek Tha Tiger” Movie Review- Flawed, but Entertaining. !

Movie: Ek Tha Tiger ;Genre: Action/Adventure; Producer: Yashraj Films; Director: Kabir Khan 

Its indeed laborious to review a Salman Khan flick. No matter what he does in those 3 hours of his screen time, he ends up garnering wolf whistles from his unparalleled and incomprehensible fan following, making his rather pedestrian movies last year(Ready, Bodyguard),  monstrous blockbusters.  The superstar is professedly going through the most sublime phase of his career, with each and every release of his carrying  gargantuan expectations, and  “Ek Tha Tiger” being  no exception.  Thankfully, “Ek Tha Tiger“doesnt end up being those pedestrian one man army “Salmanomania”films. Instead, this hugely anticipated movie , though grappled with a tacky and threadbare story line ,turns out be a refreshing cinematic experience.

The opening frame of the film booms with a dashing  entry of our unassailable RAW agent Tiger ( Salman) , crushing and evading the heavily armed assasins, amidst the dingy alleys in a city of Iraq.  Back home unharmed from his mission and after  imploring  his superior officer Shenoy ( Girish Karnad) for another assignment, he is dispatched to Dublin , to scrutinize a maverick professor ( a cameo by Roshan Seth), who is apparently exchanging integral information about RAW to the ISI. Tiger persuades his mission, and in the process , meets Zoya (Katrina), the caretaker of the professors house. In pursuing through this mission, he is faced with several revelations and surprises,  which virtually turns out to be a life changer for our desi agent.   

Staged as a espionage thriller, this film has several invigorating moments, especially the amorous romantic scenes  between Salman and Kat, which are indeed a delight to watch, proving once again their sizzling chemistry on screen. The humour sequences are fresh and natural, especially the scene where the lead stars introduce each other – To Katrinas statement ” I am Zoya, and friends call me Zee“, Salman replies ” I am Manish, and people call me Doordarshan“.

The entire film bears a  glistening and radiant canvas throughout, with some  exotic locales ( Ireland, Istanbul, Cuba), a typical Yashraj trademark, being stupendously captured. Added to this, an elegant musical score woven with striking choreography  ( “Banjara”, Mashallah  ”  the standout tracks), acts a feather to the cap. But its the action scenes of this flick which stands out due to its absolute novel execution- Salman using his jacket to stop a speeding train,  the chase sequence involving both Sallu and Kat, and the climactic sequence , where an injured Salman rides a bike and catches a flying plane, amidst explosions all around- deftly and proficiently executed.

The biggest let downer of this entire premise is a threadbare storyline, which makes the second half of the film a mere chase sequences woven part, after an engrossing first half. With a surprising revelation in the interval, the film zooms down completely in the latter half,  with several loopholes integrated into it.  What could have been a  tight espionage thriller with a more tighter screenplay and story , turns out to be just a ” Cat and Mouse” fare. Also, the usage  of a body double is prominent in some action sequences.

Performance wise, Salman is his usual self- Dapper and charismatic. But Ek Tha Tiger will be listed as one of his accomplished performances, as he exudes an earnestness to his character, demarcating it completely from his previous humdrum flicks. He is smashing in action sequences, and is absolutely charming in romantic and comic moments.  Katrina enacts her role perfectly, and stands neck to neck with Salman in every frame. It was really good to watch a heroine clutching a meaty role in a Salman flick,  a trend which has been missing in the past. Watch her in some kick ass action sequences, and you will be thoroughly entertained.  Accomplished actors ,  Girish Karnad and Ranvir Shorey fit into their parts perfectly.

Despite its blemishes, the fact that Ek Tha Tiger portrays Salman Khan more as a character , rather than a larger than life image , makes it a gratifying and satiating experience, and a testimony to the truth that Salman is an immensely capable actor.

But as I commented earlier, there is no point reviewing a Salman Film.  The film has embarked on a historic opening already, and might turn out to another gargantuan blockbuster.  As one of my colleagues said after coming out of the theatre ” Bahut dino ke baad seeti maarne ka mauka mila yaar

Watch it out for :  Brilliant action-chase sequences, exotic locales, superlative Katrina, and Salman- the actor. Keep a check on your expectations though.