Dhrishyam Movie Review– A celebral thriller that keeps you on the edge

29-1438189187-cgt2yv1viaewfm5     Dhrishyam needs no introduction. Originally conceptualized and directed by Jeethu Joseph, this Mohanlal starrer Malayalam film garnered both critical and commercial success in 2013. Unsurprisingly, this low budget thriller spiraled remakes in virtually all the regional languages ( Kannada, Telugu, Tamil) in quick succession. The hindi version of Dhrishyam brings back the powerful duo of Ajay Devgn and Tabu pitted against each other on screen after a hiatus. Nishikant Kamat, director who helmed the impressive Mumbai Meri Jaan and an above average Force, stays true to the original blueprint of the Malayalam thriller. Despite of minor glitches, Dhrishyam comes up trumps as a compelling and engaging thriller, which will keep you on the edge right till the climax. The film  explores the ordinary life of Vijay Salgaocar ( Ajay Devgn) , a 4th class dropout yet a sharp and witty man who runs his own cable business in the outskirts of Goa. He is happily settled with his wife ( Shriya Saran) and two daughters and are a close knit family. While Vijay is obsessed about watching movies  most of his time, his affable nature makes him a local favourite at his place. His life is going on a perfect track until an unfortunate incident pits him and his family against Meera Deshmukh ( Tabbu) , a ferocious and unrelenting IG of police and her businessman husband (Rajat Kapoor). Thus begins an intense  battle of wits and emotions, fuming up a dramatic conflict which forms core of the film.

Nishikant Kamat does a splendid  job in weaving out this gripping story in its own pace. While the first half is mostly spent in  delineating  the respective characters and their lighter side , its the post intermission part which keeps you hooked and engaged till the end. The watertight screenplay is not designed as a murder mystery or thriller, since the audience is aware of the culprit. But its the cat and mouse game and the battle of wits that is the high point of Dhrishyam. Its a real thrill witnessing a web of lies being concocted by one side, and the other side investing all their efforts in  dissecting the theory and clawing back to the truth-This mental combat between the police and an ordinary family is a delight to watch. Its not that the film is devoid of flaws–the length of the film and songs should have been trimmed. Also, unlike the original, the bonding between Vijay and his family is not explored competently. But as i mentioned earlier, the excellent script trumps up all the glitches in one shot and keeps you riveted till the end.drishyam1 Dhrishyam also works because of some fine performances by its dependable cast. Ajay Devgn pitches in a remarkably understated performance, and its good to see him in form after his previous inconsequential ventures. He brings his trademark angst and converts it into a simmering portrayal of a father who can go any  extent to protect his family. Tabu  brings all her elegance and brilliance in her complex character of a yearning mother under the shell of a unforgiving IG police cop, and she is an absolute winner here. Shriya Saran does justice to her role and so as Rajat kapoor. Kamlesh Savant plays the role of a loathsome cop who revels in tormenting the innocent family with panache. Supporting actors ( a special mention of Ishita Dutta who plays the elder daughter) lend credibility to the proceedings. This film might just fall short of the original, but nevertheless is a great piece of work. A perfect combination of gripping story and terrific performances, Dhrishyam is a must watch.


“Jai Ho”Review–Salman delivers in an uninspired film

Jai Ho

  • Film: Jai Ho
  • Starring: Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa
  • Release Date: 24th Jan 2014
  • Produced by :Eroz Entertainment, Sohail Khan
  • Directed by: Sohail Khan
  • Story/Screenplay: A. R. Murugadoss (Inspired by Telugu movie’Stalin’)
  • Music: Sajid-Wajid, Amal Malik




Salman Khan ‘s brand and box office equity has spiraled to unimaginable levels in his past outings. Wanted, Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2–these have smashed box office records and have catapulted  the iconic status of this current mass and box office king. So when our Bhai returns to the big screen as a social crusader , after a 13 months hiatus, expectations are bound to be humongous. But Jai ho fails despite his sincere and earnest efforts, which is ironic because the film had immense potential.

A remake of Telugu blockbuster Stalin, this Sohail khan helmed film is about Jai, an ex army officer, who plays a good hearted Samaritan to people in trouble. Post a tragic incident, Jai encourages people to indemnify their help and kindness to three strangers, in order to make the world a better place.

The plot has a reassuring premise, only to be scattered away completely by insipid writing and lacklustre direction. The film gets completely distracted by its innumerable action sequences and dull screenplay. To justify Salman’s superhuman persona, his brother instills all the unrequired elements which this film would have done without. Abysmal songs and humdrum music only add to the agony of the viewer. At the end of it, its virtually nothing that you take away home with, as Jai ho melts down to a revenge drama of sorts, rather than a film with a message. Your heart goes out for the extremely talented actors forming the supporting cast, who are completely wasted in insubstantial roles. The highly revered Tabu is impressive as Jai’s sister, but goes completely off track due to the thankless scope of her character. Ditoo with Mahesh Manjrekar and Nadira Babbbar, who are wasted in their limited roles. Danny growls and shouts, but its not a match to the enigmatic stature of the actor. Daisy Shah makes up for her bland acting with her passable dancing skills, but clearly, unlike his previous films,  Salman’s chemistry with Daisy  is absolutely missing.

Its left to Salman to carry the entire film on his shoulders, and to be honest, he doesnt dissapoint. He fights, screams, preaches, dances,sings–does everything that his fans expect him to do. The gallant actor delivers a committed performance, albeit, in a losing cause.

Its unfortunate that despite the mega stars presence and noteworthy performance, Jai Ho fails to capitalize  on its promising concept–one which is really the need of the hour. Salman’s first outing as a social crusader might just scrape through his fans, but certainly, he deserved better.

  Popcorn Entertainment Rating: 2/5