Dhoom 3 movie review-A visual delight, but too long.!

The much awaited third installment of the Dhoom franchise, where brawns meets bikes, men are superheroes, and women are sexy ladies on the floor, finally hits the screens. With an opulent scale, mind blowing locations , loaded weapons and bikes, and an ensemble star cast, D3 promises thrice the fun , in comparison to its previous two flicks. Straight up, Dhoom 3 is bang on your bucks being a  sheer visual delight, intertwined with brilliantly executed chase sequences, spectacular canvas and exquisite choreography, but its extensive length, sloppy second half and inconsistent characterization pulls down the film considerably.

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Set in the background of Chicago, Dhoom 3 revolves around  Sahir ( Aamir Khan), whose father ( Jackie Shroff) commits suicide after he fails to liquidate his debt to the bank to save his dream institution, the Great Indian Circus. His death triggers Sahir to take revenge on the acrid bank, and to fulfill his unfinished dreams. The skylines of the windy city act as the perfect platform for Sahir to execute his death defying stunts and plans, but in comes his nemesis Jai Dixit ( Bachchan) and his motor mouth friend Ali ( Uday Chopra), and thus begins the real game of Mind vs Machine.

Unlike the previous prequels, Dhoom 3 is rich in emotional quotient, which pitches in perfectly for a  superb canvas that unfolds , but the highlight of the film is its powerful action, which are an absolute class act and never seen before in Indian Cinema, With pulsating chase sequences on those high octane bikes, you are bound to be dazzled. Added to it, the lavish and rich production values and an interesting twist pre interval, and you have the perfect icing on the cake. But the film decidedly falls short of maintaining its momentum, and derails to an ordinary track during  post interval portions, with a completely avoidable romantic track between Alia (Katrina) and Sahir. The friendly banter between Jai and Ali too is subdued this time, with more focus on Sahir, his plans and his past. The film culminates effectively in its climactic portions, only after stretching and testing the viewers patience.

Performance wise, Uday Chopra is in great form, bringing the desired comic relief to the enterprise. Katrina kaif who has the least dialogues in the entire film, looks brilliant and dances amazingly, but is completely sidelined in terms of characterization. Abhishek bachchan is earnest, but , just like its prequels, he is ironically overshadowed by the antagonist. Ultimately, the film’s main focus is on Aamir, and unsurprisingly,  he delivers a magnetic performance. With beefed up abs/packs and toned up physique, Aamir gives Sahir his trademark chutzpah and agility, performing his acrobatic acts and stunts with complete dexterity. Yes,  he lacks the killing demeanour of Hrithik , but he makes it up with a sincere depiction of his characters angst and subtleness, and you end up empathizing for him profoundly.


Music of the film is strictly average, with the stand out track being Malang and Tu hi Junoon, which are a delight to watch, though same cant be said for the title track.  A special mention of the action sequences here. Absolutely brilliant!!

Dhoom 3 would have been a rock solid entertainer had it tightened its screws on the length and script a bit. But nevertheless, keeping the nature of the franchise, D 3 scores high on its attitude and audacity, and is a must watch for its cool quotient.