‘Raaz3’ Movie trailer- Screamingly Dark, but predictable!

To be candid, for me,  its hard to ignore a Vikram  Bhatt movie.The man’s  strong predilection towards the horror genre has made him churn out some passable flicks in recent times ( Raaz,1920, Shapith, Haunted ). After a dismal  outing with past life regression concept ( Dangerous Ishqq), he explores the intellection  of Black Magic with his upcoming flick Raaz3, and going by the first look of the trailer, we are in for another high pitched howling experience.

So we have Bipasha , Emraan, and newbie Esha Gupta , characterised in dark and disturbed shades,boasting the typical Bhatt trademark-  shrieks, screams, hands  coming out of the mirror, unknown and scary faces coming out of nowhere , dead bodies, sexually steaming scenes. And the trailer concludes with the name Sanjana screeching out from a screen to Esha Gupta, reminiscent of a pivotal character of the first installment of Raaz

The first snippet of Raaz3 looks good, but somehow i found it to be extremely predictable.  Vikram Bhatt is undoubtedly a  competent director, since he has explored the horror genre in a way no other Indian Director has ever attempted . But Raaz3 vaunts a look which we have already seen earlier in his movies- grim, dark and mundane.

The stand out point is Bipasha Basu, without an iota of doubt. She looks fresh and dazzlingly hot, and promises to reprise her noticeable performance in Raaz. Emraan looks his usual self, with a casual demeanour he has gained immense expertise in. Esha Gupta carries the same expression she dealt with in her debut movie Jannat 2. The movie does promise of some interesting 3D special effects, a factor which considerably worked in Bhatts previous movie “Haunted

Raaz3 is one of the most anticipated movies of this year, and hopefully, the movie will live up to its expectations, unlike its trailer ( may be, my expectations were too much from the trailer itself!!:)

Watch it out for: Bipasha Basu in a smoking hot avatar, and a promise of some engaging 3D screaming effects!!!